Do i even need to explain this?

2021.10.19 07:59 BasicallyBlu123 Do i even need to explain this?

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2021.10.19 07:59 LadyBatherine 19/10/21 Daily Deal: Daylight (Atlee Pine Series, Book 3) by David Baldacci, narrated by Brittany Pressley, and Kyf Brewer - £2.99

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2021.10.19 07:59 Sad-Conclusion442 Finally got fed up and quit

So I've been working at pizza hut since July 2020, and I love working there, and I have some great coworkers there too. Pizza hut has been my side job since this past August... I wanted to keep pizza hut just for the extra pocket cash, but ever since August it's been hell.
(I work as a cook, switched to weekends only in August. I started as a delivery driver)
EVERY weekend there we get slammed, it's kinda normal by now. But we are almost always short staffed on Saturday, and Sunday not including drivers there's only 3 of us, me the cook, a server, and the night manager. Those night are hell.
And then in September, for 3 weekends in a row, the town we are in and the surrounding towns aswell ALL HAD Homecoming weekends. Now our boss was out of town, and scheduled me all 3 weekends without a short shift cook. The short shift helps make pizza but also keeps tabs on dishes so the closing cook doesn't have to to the entire restaurants dishes plus all the closing. That really annoyed me, we ended up having to call the asst manager one night because us 3 just couldn't keep up anymore, I almost just walked out because that's not worth $10/h.
The other nail on the coffin is that a lot of nights the tills lock up and clock us out before we finish closing. Fuck that. Also, there have been over a dozen times this year where I was short shift cook and was forced to close because the closing cook didn't show.
I found out that pizza hut literally won't let our boss schedule over a certain number of hours a week, which is fucking ridiculous. Then there's the shitty pay for the drivers, and tips aren't even good either. The biggest kicker for me is that Pizza Hut doesn't pay the drivers the full amount they're supposed to legally for gas reimbursement. I believe it's supposed to be 40 or 50 cents to the mile but they only pay 20-25.
Oh and did I mention our store earns the most money out of any pizza hut in the state, and the population of the surrounding area is only 12k. I love the job but every shift I'm busting my ass just trying to be fast enough that I'm not stuck there for 2 hours after close doing dishes. It's just too much effort for 70 or 80 bucks every two weeks, plus I don't have any days off every week because of my other job.
Maybe I'll go back this winter for a while but I dont see much changing. Glad to finally have a good paying job that's NOT FREAKING RETAIL, and doesn't demand much more than 30/h a week.
Iowa sucks, The government sucks, capitalism sucks. I refuse to work my life away. Money isn't everything.
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2021.10.19 07:59 orderly-stagnation-6 27 ex frat guy, looking to bro out with another masc guy like me

27, white, ex frat guy/college athlete.
Looking for another masc guy to bro out with on here. Would love to chat about sex, sports, whatever bro stuff you can think of. Pic in my profile if you’re interested
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2021.10.19 07:59 dd_ee000 Print all sheets and fit them at one go

My workbook has four sheets, and every sheet has only one table. I wanted my workbook to print and fit my sheets at one page.
Is it possible on Google Sheets? Thanks.
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2021.10.19 07:59 Kthulu_420 Man harassing woman on train gets taken down by other passengers

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2021.10.19 07:59 NewsElfForEnterprise Safari's color tab bar restricted to 'Compact' view in macOS Monterey, iPadOS 15.1

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2021.10.19 07:59 justerab Valhalla | Siege | Defending my T3 Home From tax bandits!

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2021.10.19 07:59 Fluid-Salt9080 Help me

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2021.10.19 07:59 Money_These *Restock Alert* Speedy 40 (Mono) | Available Now

12:59am CT | US site
Speedy 40
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2021.10.19 07:59 gp_gone Yes another latency question…BUT mine is special

Okay maybe not super special but any tips on fixing my Xbox Series X with its trash latency? I haven’t played a game under 200 ping in weeks
But the weird thing is, my ping is just fine down stairs on my old Xbox One. Both WiFi
Please help!
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2021.10.19 07:59 RyuNeko932000 My parents won't support me in college after taking the COVID vaccine. What to do?

As of lately I've been in a lot of stress in whether or not to take the covid vaccine. Before classes started I was living with my gf and her mom in her hometown in Germany, but as time kept going her mom announced that I wouldn't be able to visit her (as I was moving to the college dorms) if I didn't get the vaccine, which is a totally plausible thing to do. I'm not going to lie, I did get quite stressed and annoyed.
I started investigating about the vaccine and its safety and stuff. My parents are blinded with the idea that the vaccine is bad for you thanks to some "doctor" called Mercola that keeps misinforming people. I did my research and even called my parents, they always stated that I was free to choose, but that I should be careful. My dad even recommended me to wait a week (as in the university a COVID test is required to attend but those are only free for a week after classes start, then its like 20 bucks daily, which in my POV is crazy). I talked with my parents and kinda convinced my mom into thinking the vaccine is safe, while my dad was still a bit critical but at the same time he wasn't full on denying my arguments. I then decided to take the vaccine.
As I kinda saw their reactions as a "go" I went ahead and took the first dose ASAP because I would still have to wait 3 weeks in order for the vaccine to go on full effect. I told the news to my parents on sunday and ohh boy was it a mess. My parents got mad and my dad especially feels hurt that I didn't take his wishes into consideration, he told me that once I took the vaccine I'm "different" and that I was influenced by my gf and her mom to take the vaccine, but I disagree! If I would've found a true and backed off argument that the vaccine wasn't safe I wouldn't have taken it even if that mean't I couldn't visit her. Now my dad told me that he'll just pay for my studying up until November and getting me a ticket to go back to my homecountry and that if I want to come back to Germany to study I'm then on my own.
Thing is that my college won't let me work while I study so it's even more difficult to find a solution here. My mom then sent me a text yesterday and basically states that I chose my girlfriend and her mom as my new family, and that she's really dissappointed with me because I didn't take into mind my dad's POV. I'm just starting classes and this whole situation is driving me nuts, I know for a fact that my gf never pushed me into taking the vaccine and that it was my decision that wasn't influenced by the people in my life. It was my decision, but now it seems I'm gonna lose everything I've done till now.....
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2021.10.19 07:59 saphhicblues uu I'm late but I drew yuka for their day!! I love this outfit so much

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2021.10.19 07:59 SlightWeasel sometimes, it's the little things

So, I (36F, SW: 336, CW: 275) have always been on the "chubby" side. I was 170 in my junior year of highschool, which wasn't too bad in retrospect. I hit the mid-200s maybe a decade ago - not really sure exactly when, since I've spent most of my life avoiding the scale whenever possible. Sometime in the last 7-8 years was when my weight got what I would consider to be "out of control." I've finally come to realize one small thing I was doing that had a much more profound effect than I ever realized.
For my entire adult life, I've worked in a factory. The work is very physical. Up until the last couple years, I was walking 10-20 miles a day; ever since the plant was retooled a while back, there's less walking and more lifting 30-lb parts all day. Because of this, I sweat a lot, and obviously need to drink a ton of fluids. Up until 7-8 years ago, I was drinking 1 diet mountain dew before work, 1 diet mountain dew at the beginning of my work day, then filling my empty soda bottle with water for the rest of the day. At some point in my mid-to-late 20s, I read an article about aspartame and how it can mess with your short-term memory. I didn't want to switch to regular soda, which I figured would be fattening, so instead I switched to gatorade. One gatorade before work, one at the beginning of the day, fill the bottle with water for the rest of the day. Great, right? A lot healthier, right?
Uhhhh, well. Two bottles of diet mountain dew are about 10 calories total. Two bottles of regular gatorade, on the other hand, are about 300 calories total. So if I was drinking 2 gatorades, 300 days out of the year (a very conservative estimate, as I would often drink 2-4 gatorades on my days off as well), that's 90,000 extra calories a year. That's 2 additional pounds a month, 25 pounds a year, just from gatorade.
Gatorade was the first thing I cut from my diet this past March, when I started making a concerted weight loss effort for the first time in my life. Part of it was the calories, and part of it was because the one-time expense of a water bottle would be cheaper than buying a couple packs of gatorade every week (I spent a lot of 2020 laid off, so I was up for saving money wherever possible). So, ever since March, I've been drinking 99% water, with maybe 1 bottle of gatorade every couple weeks from out of the drink machine at work.
I lost a LOT of weight in the first three months. Ever since June or so, though, I feel like I'm constantly in a plateau. Sometimes it's because I keep having too many cheat days, other times it's because I'm at a weird part of my cycle, still other times it's because I'm about to be pleasantly surprised with a 5-lb "whoosh" any day now. But what I haven't had much trouble with is maintaining my weight. One reason I never tried too hard to lose weight before was because I'd always read that people tend to yo-yo and end up heavier than they were when they started. I haven't run into that problem yet (though it's clear to me already I'm always going to have to monitor my diet/weigh myself regularly so my weight doesn't creep back up on me), and I think a large part of it is that gatorade as a daily thing is GONE from my diet. That's 300 calories a day I'm not drinking, even on cheat days. That's 300 calories I'm either not having at all, or that I'm getting from something more filling. That's 2 pounds a month and 25 pounds a year I'm not gaining.
I've been counting calories for the past six months, but this is the first time it had actually occurred to me to do the math on this gatorade thing. I was so pleased by the realization that I just had to share!
If there's something "small" you've done in your weight loss journey that has really helped you lose or maintain your weight, please post it in the comments! I'd love to hear about it.
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2021.10.19 07:59 juzt_vik How should I approach this...?

Hi guys,
I saw this cute girl at a bar(8/10), a blonde, where she got for breakfast for high school and I get there for breakfast for work(I'm a highschool semi dropout) . There are other kids probably from the same school I think
So how should I approach this situation?
Little note: I'm pretty confident in myself and I do admitt my skills with girls probably aren't the best
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2021.10.19 07:59 --5- From Assam to Tamil Nadu, 12 Union Ministers bought property last fiscal

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2021.10.19 07:59 _-thekingslayer-_ Salma Hayek at the Eternals premier 🥵💦

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2021.10.19 07:59 ConnorMcwings Matic lost need to contact kucoin support.

As the title says. The bot has been of no help. Kept going in circles and not helping.
I wanted to transfer my matic from kucoin to metamask. It has been 1hr and It is still ‘in processing’ how do I cancel this?
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2021.10.19 07:59 Ryujehoang Tretinoin Cream work well for anyone who has oily, acne prone skin?

I was prescribed Tret 0.05% Cream today and remembered I saw a few posts before about how the cream broke people out. Knowing the skin type that I have, should I immediately ask my derm for a switch or there’s a chance it will work for me.
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2021.10.19 07:59 Least2020-2022 X玖少年團為什麼就火“肖戰”一個人,其他七人呢?-Why did the X Jiu Youth League "Xiao Zhan" one ...

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2021.10.19 07:59 Suspicious_Health_64 Idk anymore

Why do I always think once and a while that I'm not deserving of Love, it's actually Bullshit becauae I am but I don't know why it happens
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2021.10.19 07:59 Frequent_Customer265 🐶 Floki Shiba Inu 🐶 - Just Launched | 7% Rewards | Liq Locked before Launch | Huge x100 Potential Coin | Dont Miss Out

Welcome Floki Shiba Inu - Elon’s new best friend! It’s good to have such an influencer on board in memecoin theme! Unlike most other rewards tokens, Floki Shiba Inu is a long-term and sustainable project in Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. As the description suggests, Floki Shiba Inu automatically rewards holders with Binance pegged Dogecoin (DOGE) tokens.
Based on our calculations, holding 100$ worth of FLOKISHIBAINU may return to you with 8-12$ worth of Dogecoin EVERY HOUR!
Main Features:
🚀 Fair launch / Anti-Snipe
💯 Based dev team
💸 $DOGE rewards
🔥 Huge marketing campaign
🎯 Rewards/Competitions
📊 Poocoin ads and influencers ready
✅ Verified Contract 20mins before Launch (Liquidity Locked before launch)
—-Tokenomics —-
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
7% Rewards
1% Into Liquidity Pool
2% Into Marketing.
📝 CONTRACT: 0x4c5c82822619bc81c3ae72f2c30f9a102345d9ec
Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.19 07:59 guy8118 Bean Gray Peckers

Green Bay Packers
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2021.10.19 07:59 thefugue I think I'm missing something. Commands stop working while I'm trying to learn from books (Mac OS Terminal, -zsh)

I keep telling myself, "I'm going to sit down and work regularly with a well-received and generally successful text and learn to work with Terminal on my Mac. I'm not going to live my whole life as a GUI user." This time I started with "Learning Unix for OS X- Going deep with the Terminal And Shell" by Dave Taylor.
I'm taking notes. I read the intro and the preface. I'm using the command line to test/apply the examples in the book to make sure I understand.
I'm grasping the fundamentals. I'm understanding the larger structure as the book is explaining it. But slowly, shit that the author isn't mentioning is sneaking into the code examples. It goes from running "$ ps -ax" and everything is fine to "$ ps -as | grep Word" and I'm like What the fuck was that "|" thing?!? and either I'm not typing that thing right or my version of Darwin doesn't accept the command and the book is outdated for my OS.
Then a few pages later it's asking me to run $ ftp to connect online to the publisher's website and do an example where I download a picture- but my command line isn't displaying "$" at the command line anymore. It's displaying "%" and it's telling me "ftp" isn't a command it recognizes.
I don't know if I'm explaining this adequately and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I've taught myself a lot of fairly complicated things and I have a pretty good success rate with sitting down, taking notes, and internalizing new information. But something isn't connecting here. Even worse, I search for what's gone wrong online and it leads me to websites full of code that's even less understandable but I can get some of it to work. I think to myself, "maybe I should update my shell, maybe the book isn't out of date and my OS is." I somehow manage to seem to do that, and then I his new commands that magically don't work.
I tell myself, "try a book that's even more fundamental." So I look for something even more basic (just UNIX or just Linux or just Bash commands) and sure enough, I take a few pages of notes and suddenly some command that's clearly on the page just doesn't seem to work when I enter it.
Is there some fundamental source I should be starting with and some fundamental build I should be working with when I learn it? Because I just want to learn to use computers (specifically Macs but I'd hoped to be able to apply it elsewhere) in a more powerful, less GUI way.
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2021.10.19 07:59 Mr_Scarlett I already completed it yesterday and now when I open it, it literally is back to what it was. I mean Wth, I spent hours completing this and now this happened, my time and effort is literally wasted, I feel so disappointing right now, can anyone explains what happened to it ?

I already completed it yesterday and now when I open it, it literally is back to what it was. I mean Wth, I spent hours completing this and now this happened, my time and effort is literally wasted, I feel so disappointing right now, can anyone explains what happened to it ? submitted by Mr_Scarlett to GenshinImpactTips [link] [comments]