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Lf good 7ds with meta units

2021.10.19 06:54 LaMaceta101 Lf good 7ds with meta units

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2021.10.19 06:54 Scorp10us trading

what can i trade for 3x dio diary, 1 dio bone, 1 xsoul and mysterious hat?
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2021.10.19 06:54 Ecstatic_Bed_7382 .

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2021.10.19 06:54 Henry-375 [For hire] Commissions open

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2021.10.19 06:54 unironiccomic Should I Try to Rekindle Things with Someone I Rejected Twice?

About 3 or so years ago I had a brief but passionate relationship with a man, “Jason”. He ended the relationship because of a major, unexpected life change. Hate to say it, but unfortunately I begged him to stay before I finally realized that he just wasn’t emotionally available. It was tough to let him go. The timing was unfortunate and out of our control. A year and a half later he reached out to me to rekindle things. I let him know that I was in a serious relationship which he respected. He reached out again 6 months later to see if I was still in that relationship, which I was. Haven’t heard from him again. Although I wasn’t interested in leaving my then partner for Jason, it was still a huge deal to hear from him. We had a special connection, for the short amount of time we shared together. He’s always occupied a space in my mind in some way.
Now I’m single and I would so love to get to know Jason again. In one of his text he said that he felt we were supposed to meet again. I feel like the door is open for me to reach out him, but it still feels almost unfair to reach out after I rejected him twice.
I suppose I should just reach out so I won’t always wonder what could have been. Hell, maybe he’s met someone and I’ll be rejected this time. Or maybe we’ll finally get our timing right.
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2021.10.19 06:54 Magicyte $PALI shorted? A lot. Suppressed? A lot. Good pr's? Got those too. So what's going on?

I'll try to just be brief. PALI got sucked into a deal done with Altium Capital (formerly Visium who has news from 2018 of their insider trading violations).
PALI is a low float stock. Average 70% borrow rate. On May 17th, 2.2 million ftd's were generated. From that day forward, suppression ensued. No signs showed any ftd covering whatsoever. Altium known to be a short seller suppressor.
Good pr's and phase 2/3 reports showed nothing but good outcomes in trials thus far. Patient access is good. LB1148 received well for over 90% of cases.
Following through from May to October, suppression has continued. The borrow rate has seemed to run in line with the 200ma. Although the borrow fee has always remained in that 60-75% channel.
As more insiders bought in August, the shorting continued. Nearly all institutional/insider buys are well above the current sp.
As more good info is dug up, suppression continued. Yuma Regional Health ceo is also the ceo of Palisade Bio. Yuma has completed merger dd period and are in the planning stages to merge with Lifepoint Health (for profit). Lifepoint has investment by Apollo Global Management. It's not a stretch to imagine Apollo becoming an institutional investor prior to LB1148 going to market.
PALI recently filled a psec filing position. This could be the start of new fresh updates to clinical trials. Fda has already designated LB1148 to orphan drug status and is on an fda fast track submission.
Current public info on short interest is pegged at 700k shares roughly. But I don't believe it's that low. Heavy dark pool trading plagues PALI. No volumes since May 17th suggest that 2.2 million ftd's have been dealt with. More likely that at least half of them are still being sat on as naked shorts.
I would watch PALI closely. I've seen it move upward fast just on one insider buy of 14k shares( shot over $3 easily)...let alone if PALI receives more sizeable volumes. Even a quarter of the volume that PROG has gotten would be devastating to shorts in PALI
It's worth adding to watchlists I think. Many of the ones I've found to have a large pile of nested ftd's have either already had their runs, or are still in process of them. I put PALI on the list of one that is just starting
Happy hunting ( squeezing )
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2021.10.19 06:54 KnickCage Does this fit here

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2021.10.19 06:54 diegoaccord Finally got things setup. Rate or hate.

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2021.10.19 06:54 depprafferty Freshly done boxer done by Adam Lux, Mos Eisley’s tattoo, Grand Rapids, Mi

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2021.10.19 06:54 carlyeanne ‘tis the spooky szn so here’s batman being spooky!

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2021.10.19 06:54 EricSchC1fr The U.S. is playing a game of COVID denial and the financial cost to Americans is dangerously high | The pandemic must be paid for — by reduced business earnings, lower household incomes, or both.

The U.S. is playing a game of COVID denial and the financial cost to Americans is dangerously high | The pandemic must be paid for — by reduced business earnings, lower household incomes, or both. submitted by EricSchC1fr to AnythingGoesNews [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 06:54 Apprehensive-Bad-733 what are your thoughts on pizza?

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2021.10.19 06:54 yqre i made a breakthrough discovery listening to Regis Philbin.

Cumtown backwards is a cryptic message and directly associated with the Epstein & the Clintons.
New World Order To Molest Underage Children.
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2021.10.19 06:54 Ok_Commission_2788 Missed #SHIBA? | Don't miss $ShibArmy 🐕 - Successfully Launched 1 hour ago |SHIB Rewards 🔥 |🟢PUMP Incoming ! Perfect time enter !

Did you miss out on $SHIB? Here is your Chance! #SHIBARMY is a trendy project on #BSC that pays you 8% out of each trade distributed in $SHIB tokens! Successfully Launched 1 hour ago!
We think everyone deserve some free cryptos in these times, $SHIBARMY has got you covered! HODL $SHIBARMY for more profit, and earn free $SHIB (Shiba Inu) while you HODL!
Come take a look at $Shibarmy its flying to the moon soon , If you are looking for moonshots you better give $SHIBARMY a shot , The token is on discount now this is the best time to get in .
🌟 Fasttrack CG & CMC + Dextools trending when requirements are met 🌟
$SHIBARMY team's goal is to create safe place for our community to hang out and feel safe while earning SHIB rewards.
We are ready to take this coin to the next level.
Now let's take a look at the Tokenomics!
🦮 8% SHIB reflection
🐶 1% Liquidity Pool tax
🤳🏻 1% Marketing tax
🐶 Total supply: 1B
🔒 The LP is locked for 12 Months,
🙋 Slippage: 10-12%
💎 Upcoming activities :
Whitepaper publication;
Collaborazioni con youtuber famosi;
Farming parntership
CG listing;
CMC listing.
📝 CONTRACT: 0xee95a2a489d02374f093769f1cb68e79ca4e3a56
BUY HERE : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xee95a2a489d02374f093769f1cb68e79ca4e3a56
LP LOCKED: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x46dbE5a76B3c06022d8c1823D043Ede375fE9562
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xee95a2a489d02374f093769f1cb68e79ca4e3a56#readContract
Get in before it's too late!
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2021.10.19 06:54 lesser_tomorrow diablo mercenary unerfed

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2021.10.19 06:54 exotic_blackhole I'm 22 and lost in life

I have just started my first job in my dream company . But the imposter syndrome is hitting me hard . I don't have any passion in life . The little bit of passion I had is fading away because of lack of time and motivation . My poor self-esteem and melancholic attitude has always made my life difficult . Now I'm so tired of it .
I don't have any close or intimate human connection in life . People just slide away for whimsical reasons .
I don't know whether life will ever get any better than this .
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2021.10.19 06:54 kb1kb1 Boxer's fracture, wondering about severity (x-ray)

33m, 6'8, 230lb, white, 3 days since injury. Right hand, no medication.
Broke my hand 3 days ago, just got my xray. boxers fracture, neck w/ angulation.
Seeing ortho tomorrow and just wondering if I could get a quick look and guess ass to the severity for my own interest. Thank you all.
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2021.10.19 06:54 Beasting-25-8 Just an Anchorite Naturo yeeting itself into heretics.

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2021.10.19 06:54 reRetry please help: why am I suddenly so anti-social in college?

i just entered uni and i’ve been having such a difficult time making friends. and yes it is 100% my fault now that i look at it, but it’s really not on purpose… like i didn’t want it to be this way…
in hs i used to be like super fucking outgoing, i had no problems doing embarrassing things or walking up to a random student and asking something or whatever. i befriended ppl really quick even if they were a freshman and i a senior, didn’t matter the circumstance. and even outside of hs too, like I could meet people anywhere and i’d be fine w it
but now, i come into uni and i… don’t wanna talk??? random ppl in the hall would say hi but i can barely mutter a “hi” back before rushing back to my dorm. this one girl in my hall thought i didn’t like her for a sec but i swear idk what im doing i just… everything feels so superficial… it’s always “whats ur name year major and a fun fact about you?” like i forget everyone after they introduce themselves. not only that, even if i manage to find someone to talk to online and meet up, i get so nauseous and anxious about it and end up cancelling the plan or just barely making it through without gagging on the way. i come to a club meeting and i want to leave immediately. idk whats wrong w me. i do want friends and i am lonely, im really not a mean bad person, but it’s like when i’m presented the opportunity i just shut down and say “nvm” to myself.
did the 2 year-long break from in-person socializing fuck me up?? or like do i have anxiety or depression or something?? (not to like self diagnose but im so confused im grasping at straws) like why cant i socialize. what is wrong w me, why.
it makes me so frustrated. i know its my fault i can’t make friends or even just okay connections but i have no idea how to get over it. it’s so hard to start up a random convo and keep it going or just even pretend to give a shit
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2021.10.19 06:54 crybehelitcry AXIE SCHOLARS EVERYDAY

Hello! Join our growing Axie Infinity family if you're somewhat interested. Read the rules and be on the look out for scholarship picking.
Good luck! :)

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2021.10.19 06:54 frumpytofabulous Trouble swallowing pills?

I’m about 12 weeks post-op and have tried to take a NyQuil gel capsule twice now. Both times, the capsule (average size) got STUCK in my esophagus. No amount of swallowing, water, or heaving would bring it up or down. I had to wait for it to dissolve and go down on its own, which was absolutely miserable. Can the sleeve cause changes to the esophagus? I’ve never had trouble like this before (and I don’t have trouble swallowing food). Thoughts?
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2021.10.19 06:54 dasietheweenqueen gn cumts mercy on thyn sleep

gonna listen to bb a4s and trfwthdtu
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2021.10.19 06:54 LordToasterIRL Relationship Hunters of Reddit, Has gaming ever blown a relationship for you (And if it has what is your opinion on it)?

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2021.10.19 06:54 boopbbop When exactly in the game does the song “shapes” play?

I’ve gone through and played again a few times but I can’t seem to pinpoint when they played shapes. Maybe I’m just missing it over and over? Also that other song “tick tock” that’s on the official soundtrack?
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2021.10.19 06:54 Waisef [WP] A shy genie in a bottle will grant your three damn wishes, but only after passing notes to and fro with a lady genie nearby that he's always had a crush on. On this magical starry night, you will be his wingman as he tries to win her genie heart.

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