Who could’ve though that animals kill each other

2021.12.02 12:37 Faxrijuf Who could’ve though that animals kill each other

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2021.12.02 12:37 rawkband cover up/fix ideas? i did this flower a while ago drunk and it looks really bad and faded. any ideas on how i can make it look good/cover it?

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2021.12.02 12:37 Annen0017 T-mobile told me no home internet

They said that they are fully taxed on the system in my area and that's why they can't provide me with internet. I told them that's dumb because I have their internet through a 3rd party and am on the same stuff. That didn't work. So I am going to go to the t-mobile store and see if that person will just set me up. Hope for the best.
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2021.12.02 12:37 Full_ronpa Prepared for winter

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2021.12.02 12:37 Aeryxis 😳 😏

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2021.12.02 12:37 screepthecreep I'll only answer people who's life is meaningless, AMA.

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2021.12.02 12:37 star-orcarina Anyone have this feeling that Ninja Cookie is LIKE EXTREMELY HARD TO GET

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2021.12.02 12:37 BSG_14 Ares Ion landing in GrimHex 2

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2021.12.02 12:37 Jamesdafarmer I gotta golden ticket!!!!

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2021.12.02 12:37 kaystuart545 The nerdess in her natural habitat. I never thought I could feel so content. MtF 58y 40m HRT 4w post FFS.

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2021.12.02 12:37 throwawayyyyyy07 We should have got Eddie Howe

Its easy to criticise him for the last season at Bournemouth, but to put it into perspective, he took a minnow of a club and got them from League 1 into the premier league in two seasons, voted football league manager of the decade.
He plays an attractive and courageous brand of football, on the front foot. Yeah his teams conceded goals, but its easier to play that way when you have 50 million quid to spend on central defenders, and you don't rely on steve cook. I think its all the more impressive that he played that way with the team and financial constraints he had. Not saying Bournemouth didn't spend money, but when the top players cost in excess of 40 million pounds... again perspective.
He got them to 9th in the league, and were only relegated on the last day of the season, where they beat us 1-2 at Goodison. His achievements there are beyond impressive, certainly more so than Silva's or anything Benitez has done in the last 10 years.
Sacked after six months at inter, sacked after a few months at Madrid, Won a cup with Napoli, and got Newcastle promoted and kept them up, wow, bruce would have done that too...
Howe interviewed for the job, I don't know how it went but I really don't see how Moshiri picks his candidates. I assume he just looks at the trophies ( its not 2005 anymore ).
If Howe had a spanish or portuguese surname we would have snapped him up, or another of the bigger clubs. He will probably go down with Newcastle, but he will get them back up, and with his own players they will probably play some good stuff.
Just my opinion.
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2021.12.02 12:37 pirate_solo9 Thoughts on Nykaa

Hello brothers!
I am a little bit more bullish on Nykaa. Here are the points:
1) Nykaa's retention rate is 75%. Which means 75% customers keep coming back to purchase. This is an incredibly good sign and incredibly hard to achieve especially in a fast-moving industry like cosmetics. Moreover, although customers are acquired using promotions and discounts they are retained by their personalization strategy and less because of promotions and discounts. This is a good point as promotions and discounts are still a very unproven retention strategy in India imo.
2) unlike other platforms that offer 3rd party sellers to sell. Nykaa's mostly buys inventory in bulk from top brands and sell them directly. This saves huge costs in terms of bulk savings and brings in more predictability as it's easier to model the demand this way. This is why i feel Nykaa is highly likely to hit profitability and it has already been hovering around the EBITDA.
3) Founder & CEO was an investment banker with huge experience in financials. Her experience will help in making better financial decisions.
4) she has personally made a statement that she will focus more on sustainable growth, i.e. growth while keeping profitability in mind.
5) Nykaa's brand positioning has been very well carried out. And thier focus on a single vertical like cosmetics and skincare will give them an operational advantage.
6)Their Omni-channel strategy to open physical retail stores gives extra stream of revenue and also will provide real estate benefits. This could also act as another more tangible customer acquisition strategy and help in increasing more credibility which is usually very important when it comes to cosmetics and skincare.
Final comments,
She seems to know what she has been doing and so far her strategies have been working well and has great potential. With her investment banking skills, she has good network and access to capital. I think this company is likely going to be a multibagger in the next 10 years.
Yes I do understand, the stock price PE seems overvalued but nowadays high PEs have become the new normal as the market has been pricing in the future as though it already has happened, thanks to retails and increased accessibility to markets and not to mention, increased capital flow into the markets. Decades ago even a PE of 60 used to sound ridiculous but previous decade we have seen that they haven't been an issue for people to invest.
Seems like 500-1000 PE will be the new normal. Nowadays valuations are being priced in mostly qualitatively rather than being quantitative.
Anyway, thanks for your time to read. I hope this helps. Internet companies are something that I specialise in. You may ask me any questions that you may have regarding them. Thanks again!
Note: if you're looking for citations you may just google them, usually the first few links will verify the above. Didn't have the time to cite them. Sorry about that.
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2021.12.02 12:37 Easy_Toast Does anyone have pictures of their badge-less M3?

Hey guys! I have the MSM SR+ and am thinking about doing a badge delete on the front and back for a cleaner look. Has anyone who’s done this already got pictures they would like to share so I could see if its something I’d like? Thanks!
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2021.12.02 12:37 WhatUpImJosh Posty is life

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2021.12.02 12:37 fooddriver604 Wealthsimple Referral Code (Trade and Crypto) US0EBW - Get a Bonus Including Previous Non Referred Members 🍁

Wealthsimple Trade is Canada's first $0 commission stock trading app. Now also includes crypto trading – sign up now and we'll both get a bonus to trade. Link will have the current sign up bonus listed
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2021.12.02 12:37 Coiler93 Recipe for Micro Dyes

Could anyone send me recipes for preparation (g of powder in ml of H2O & Ethanol) of Sudan III, Methylene blue, Crystal violet, Bromothymol blue, Lugol Reactive?
Thank you
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2021.12.02 12:37 spillman777 December Book Club Read - Heavy Weather by Bruce Sterling - Announcement

December's theme was near-future thrillers. While there were several good looking suggestions, the one with the most votes as of this morning was Bruce Sterling's Heavy Weather.
This is the spoiler-free announcement post, look for the full discussion post near the middle of th emonth!
From Goodreads:

Forty years from now, Earth's climate has been drastically changed by the greenhouse effect. Tornadoes of almost unimaginable force roam the open spaces of Texas. And on their trail are the Storm Troupers: a ragtag band of computer experts and atmospheric scientists who live to hack heavy weather -- to document it and spread the information as far as the digital networks will stretch, using virtual reality to explore the eye of the storm.
Although it's incredibly addictive, this is no game. The Troupers' computer models suggest that soon an "F-6" will strike -- a tornado of an intensity that exceeds any existing scale; a storm so devastating that it may never stop. And they're going to be there when all hell breaks loose.
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2021.12.02 12:37 Thatshortmilf [F24] Would you? 👀

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2021.12.02 12:37 DogeHair AGC .. stop it already.

😂😂 holy shyt....
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2021.12.02 12:37 TechWreck202 Bro I don’t understand how ppl are buying NFTs for thousands of dollars when you can just buy one for $30????????

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2021.12.02 12:37 ChecheBurechi NAKJI is a transporter of data from on-chain to off-chain counterparts providing real-time communication between the blockchain and traditional web infrastructures!

Join us Now!

Join here
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2021.12.02 12:37 Ogryvssjj Nothing gives me more pleasure than being blatantly disrespectful to women

And there’s no one present to defend them either
My life’s goal is to boldly disrespect them as much as possible each and every single time I get the opportunity. I have nothing else to live for
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2021.12.02 12:37 alxsgt Extremely serious guide on tryndamere jungle

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2021.12.02 12:37 shanabailey BANGGOOD Deals (2.12.2021)!

The list is available on public FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/1591472247536034_5357006570982564
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2021.12.02 12:37 sadbambooo i want to save text with transparent background, how can i remove white borders from text

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