SC East WTT: Deaths Fathom 30cd/31lr/36lr

2021.12.02 13:45 MythicalPegasus SC East WTT: Deaths Fathom 30cd/31lr/36lr

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2021.12.02 13:45 HistWW2x7 The VENGEFUL Execution Of Alfred Rosenberg - Hitler's Art Thief/Theorist

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2021.12.02 13:45 napqueen967 Filing for disability

Anyone have experience with filing for disability benefits? The kind that you elect to pay on each year. Recently diagnosed with an autoimmune/neurological disease that doesnt qualify me for disability through govt. I can and still want to work but I need to cut down to part time and shorter shifts until we tweak my medication. I have been in constant intense pain and felt sick for the past month straight and I cannot take it anymore. I am exhausted mentally and physically to the point that I just want to die if that means I wont feel like this anymore. I also have bills to pay so I cant not work my 40 unless I get disability. I have no one to fall back on.
If I can just have a month or so with more time to rest I think I'll be ok.
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2021.12.02 13:45 Petetheodddog A plea to hello games.

I’ve been loving playing No Man’s Sky, one of my favourite things to do is browse though NMSCoordinateExchange and collect all the wonderful finds. That brings me to my point, with almost infinite possibilities, ship collecting is my favourite thing in the game. Hello Games, please please please can we get more slots for ships (9 total minimum as that’s how much space is in a freighter - I would absolutely LOVE more slots for ships and companions.
Thank you for coming to my ted talk.
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2021.12.02 13:45 EliteBiscuit_631 Today is my birthday, so this was a nice surprise after I've been hunting them!

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2021.12.02 13:45 Brave_Warthog9435 Is there time for RRF to be added? Or will it be a “clean CR” since there is a time crunch?

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2021.12.02 13:45 Schtuk501 Do we love Darko ? YES

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2021.12.02 13:45 Battre_a_Fin S15, onevia.

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2021.12.02 13:45 perennialposter CAN SAMOA JOE WIN THE TV TITLE?! | TNA 2010 | E42 | TEW 2020 | Total Extreme Wrestling 2020

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2021.12.02 13:45 telex_bot Le kellett szíjazni egy utast egy Budapestre tartó repülőn, mert az ajtó kinyitásával fenyegetőzött

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2021.12.02 13:45 showmeurtooth It is written that when Alexander the Great finally gave in to his army's demands to return home, he erected 12 (Twelve) "colossal altars" at the Beas (Hyphasis) river. Are there any remains left or ideas where they may be?

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2021.12.02 13:45 bestboi_69 can I have friends on dungeons? I don't have any friends who play this game

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2021.12.02 13:45 Guard011 Reshiram on me. Need 5. Add me: 3714 1064 3232

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2021.12.02 13:45 Rollidgeli An actual conversation i had with my classmate

Me: Im fat Cm: Doesnt matter, youre beautiful the way you are Me: But i dont want to be fat, i wanna be fit Cm: AYY HOLLUP WHY YOU BEIN FATOPHOBIC??
idk how to react, so if i want to be fit, im fatophobic? how does this work?
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2021.12.02 13:45 RaffleMC RaffleMC [SMP] [Semi-Vanilla] {1.17.1} {1.18}

Server IP: (1.17.1 - 1.18 Java)
So you love survival Minecraft? Now get ready to amplify your Minecraft gaming experience!
RaffleMC is a semi-survival Minecraft server offering an array of exciting features to enhance the default survival experience. With the increasing popularity of our much-adored Minecraft, survival consistently remains one of the most sought-after game modes for its simple and straightforward gameplay. RaffleMC strives to provide beginners, novices, and veteran Minecrafters with hours of blocky fun.
Key Information:
➤ Friendly Community - (We value kindness)
➤ 24/7 Uptime No Lag - (Dedicated Server)
➤ Long Map Durations
➤ Mature and Welcoming Staff Team
➤ Open to Feedback and Suggestions - (We are all ears)
➤ Frequent Bug Fixes - (Fixes and Patches are swift)
➤ Active Development - (Frequent updates) (edited)
Gameplay Features:
Like many other Minecraft servers, our server utilizes a wide range of premium, custom and specialized plug-ins configured to add new and fresh gameplay mechanics to the server
➸ Unique Custom Biomes - (Preview: (also includes vanilla world)
➸ Land Claim - (claim land and play with your friends)
➸ Economy - (player based economy, rentable market plots available)
➸ In-game Rank up - (/ranks & /rankup)
➸ Custom Recipes - (eg. /bp, includes backpacks, enderpacks, etc)
➸ Jobs - (/work, get rewarded for your favourite profession)
➸ Skills - (/skills, level up your skills to gain different abilities)
➸ Levelled Mobs - (Mobs spawn with different levels and difficulties)
➸ Multitool - (/mto, generate a multitool using your own tools)
➸ Bank - (/warp bank, safeguard your money while earning interest)
➸ Graves - (/graves, prevents item loss)
➸ Weather and time vote - (/tv & /wv)
➸ Frequent Community Events & Competitions
(+ Many other gameplay features that can be discovered In-game)
Safeguard Measures:
❖ Coreprotect - (Restores and rollbacks damage)
❖ InventoryRollback - (Rollbacks lost inventory)
❖ Illegalstack - (Prevents exploits and glitches)
❖ GriefPreventions - (Prevents player griefing)
In-Game Events:
✎ Key Hunts
✎ Build Competitions
✎ Art Contests
✎ Parkour
✎ Word Search
✎ Minigames
We plan on offering players an enhanced Minecraft survival experience packed with up-to-date features and plugins dedicated to modern Minecraft survival gameplay.
As we are a growing community, we hope to expand our player base and be as successful as possible while continuing to update and improve the server.
------------------ ✯ Server Information✯ -------------------
Server IP: (1.17.1 - 1.18 Java) Discord:
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2021.12.02 13:45 Disastrous-Arm4525 Just hopping that everyone as a good day and if u need someone to talk to my dms are open

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2021.12.02 13:45 jamesblondny The waking nightmare that is 4Kstogram

I just want to ¢§¶•@#$%^&* scream.
After weeks of 4kstogram app getting worse and worse and then coming to a standstill, and no amount of fixes working, I took someone's advice from the last thread I started and tried to update to the newest beta version. Thanks for that! That move was a disaster since it not only wiped out the virtual subscription list in my old window but also refused to recognize my old download folder, FFS.
So I tried to downgrade...... but no matter what, it still appears to be the upgraded version format even though it claims it is 3.4.3 in About. And either way — the app still refuses to recognize my old download folder and wants to start an ENTIRELY NEW DOWNLOAD FOLDER, and RE-DOWNLOAD EVERY ACCOUNT INTO IT. We are talking about is a few TB of accounts and images after four years here.
For a company always urging people not to over-download things, you sure coerce your users into a lot of behaviors — just like this — that force them to needlessly and wildly and tediously overdownload, putting them in grave danger of getting their instagram accounts cancelled (I have lost two from stuff like this).
Maybe you should fix this and other problems, before you go asking people for ideas for new features — "I want to download reels in hi-def!" — that will only increase the amount of data downloaded. Shouldn't you address the insane downloading problems you have now?
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2021.12.02 13:45 Om3gaPanda Dazed and Confused Installation

Hi, y'all! Somewhat newbie to mining here.
I'm trying to install NHOS on to two salvaged PC's I've put together, and, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong with my NHOS install. I'm using the flash tool from a W10 prebuilt PC, I have the target PCs set up like how it should be to boot from USB, but, for the life of me, I can't get it to boot. It hangs for a minute on a black screen, like it's reading from the drive, and, then, goes to load Ubuntu 20.04LTS from the SSD instead on both towers. There is about a 10 second loading difference when I have the USB drive connected, so, I get the feeling it's attempting to do something (I'm unable to tell if it's actually reading because I don't have a flash drive with a light on it). All of the USB ports are functional, I've tried multiple flash drives of various sizes, I don't have any idea what I'm doing wrong at this point. I have another drive I keep on me that was created with Yumi Legacy, and, it works flawlessly on all ports. Inspecting the flashed NHOS drive, the only thing that I can find on it is the config text, no other files exist, and, looking at the drives settings only says that a few kilobytes are used and a ton of space free, which, is leading me to believe that NHOS didn't actually get written to the flash drive.
Is anyone else having this problem, or, am I doing something completely wrong?
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2021.12.02 13:45 damdel1 Only one GOAT

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2021.12.02 13:45 AlastorDoesntFuck_1 School food, my friend says It's pink in the middle-

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2021.12.02 13:45 tequilitas OP wants to read his late daughter's diary but his wife says they should absolutely not.

This is a Repost
TW: Suicide

OP is u/throwRA_needclosure

EDIT: After another restless night, I was very surprised to wake up to this. Thank you so much for your condolences and for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I wish I could respond to all of you but I am mentally exhausted. Again, thank you all so much.
My (44M) daughter (17F) committed suicide two months ago. It was honestly a big shock as she’s never shown any signs that she wanted to take her life. My wife and I blame ourselves and wishes that we could’ve done more. She was in therapy for something unrelated, she was very afraid and would panic at the sight of blood, so we thought that her feelings in general would be addressed during her sessions. We were always very supportive of her, asking her about her days or if she’s having any troubles about anything when she’s noticeably looking down.
We only started cleaning out her room a week ago. I was going through her closet and tucked at the very back was a small backpack with her diary in it. I really wanted to read it because my daughter didn’t leave anything behind, not a note saying why she did it or anything, so I was hoping that maybe something in her diary would shine light as to why she did what she did. I brought the idea up to my wife and she said absolutely not, though she’s not with us anymore, she still deserves the utmost respect. My son (14M) also wants to know why her sister left but doesn’t think that reading her diary is the way to go about it.
I don’t know, I feel like we need closure. My family and her friends need closure. My wife cries herself to sleep every night, repeating that she wishes we could’ve done something different, and I comfort her. My son obviously misses his sister as they were so close. He misses her so much that sometimes we’d find him asleep by the door of his sister’s room in the middle of the night. My daughter didn’t have any social media presence but had a good amount of friends and none of them know why she did it either. This diary is our last shot of giving everyone she knew the answer why. I know diaries are very intimate and the last thing I want to do is disrespect my daughter.
If I don’t end up reading her diary, how will I find closure? How will my family move past this? Everyday is filled with tears and many thoughts of “why?” Was it my wife and I’s fault? We don’t know, which is why I want to know. If it was us, I don’t want to have us make the same mistakes with our only child left. I don’t know exactly what I’m asking for but anything would be appreciated.

First and foremost, thank you all so so much for your condolences and for sharing your thoughts and experiences dealing with losing a loved one. Secondly, I’m sorry if this post isn’t necessarily the neatest, I am still at a loss for words.
Basically, I’m a pathetic excuse of a father for not realizing that my son goes on Reddit (I don’t keep track of the social media apps he uses), so he saw my original post where many of y’all were urging me to read my daughter’s diary. My son did so behind our backs and we only came to find out when he lashed out, calling his sister selfish and all the names under the sun for doing what she did. My wife on the other hand is beyond pissed at my son for reading our daughter’s diary. She said that our daughter is going to be mad at our family when she “gets back,” only to find out that one of us read it. I’m guessing she hasn’t accepted the fact that she’s gone and will never return.
As for me and my wife, we haven’t read our daughter’s diary, only our son did. Based on my son’s reaction, I can assume that you guys were right, that her diary is filled with hatred, as if someone else wrote in it. I don’t know the contents of it but I know how and who my daughter was and her brother loved her who for who she was and now, he can’t stand it when his sister’s name is mentioned. That was exactly what I was afraid of that after reading her diary, our perspective of her would be completely different.
My son is temporarily speaking with a family member who’s a therapist and we’ll be switching him over to a different one hopefully by next week to avoid conflict of interests and as a family, we’re now in contact with a counselor. I want to talk to my wife about her getting into therapy too, as she still thinks our daughter is still here but she’s just away on a “trip,” my wife calls it. But beyond that, still nothing much has changed. My wife still cries every night and though my son very much upset with his sister, we still find him around his sister’s room. And for me? Nothing, still empty and probably always will be, which isn’t fair to my son and wife so I’ll probably seek a therapist for myself as well. Plus, I know many marriages don’t survive after the death of a child, so marriage counseling is something I want to bring up to my wife when I feel is appropriate.
What about the diary? It’s gone, hidden well within our home. Hell, I may even forget where it’s at years down the line but I do know I want to read it when I’m ready, whether that’s with my wife or not. I want to know her struggles, read her fun times (if she has any written), and what made her do it. I know reading it won’t give me closure, but it will give me an insight of what she was going through and let that be a lesson for me to be better for my son and to just always be there whether he’s feeling fine or not.
That’s about it. My heart still physically hurts from the loss of my daughter and for the rest of my family as they’re also in so much pain. Some of you guys might be expecting this update to be about the contents of the diary but I’m choosing not to read it for a long, long time. And if my wife wants to? I won’t stop her, but I do want to tell her that she may not recognize our own daughter as my son didn’t. Only time will heal our wounds and lots and lots of therapy and support. Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers. I can say for myself that it brought me a bit of comfort after such a massive loss.
Again, thank you all so much.
EDIT: Many apologies for the typos, my mind has been in shambles.

Note: Here are some resources for those who may need them.
Reddit's Suicide Watch Worldwide Directories
Wikipedia's Suicide Crisis Lines
Whatsapp's Global Suicide Hotline Resources
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2021.12.02 13:45 xenomor5 Potential money mule situation?

This might be long, but I figured context is important.
So I matched with a girl on Tinder who’s a can girl, which is obviously fine, and I’d have no problem taking her up on that. But something a little off happened last night when she asked me to let her brother send me $100 on Venmo so I can send it to her via PayPal. I asked why she couldn’t just get a Venmo and she said she didn’t know how to use it, which could be valid I suppose.
So I kind of called her out on the whole thing sounding sketchy, she sounded offended and asked why she would scam someone who could help her out with her work. So in a moment of humanity is apologized and did what she wanted.
I’ve had a sick feeling in my stomach since. Like I know it sounded sketchy, but I did it anyway thinking it could somehow be legit.
So the money is in my bank, waiting to be transferred to PayPal, and I guess my question is what I should do, and is $100 something that would get me in trouble? I’ve read absolute horror about accidental money mules dealing with over a thousand dollars, so if I just get this over with and never do it again, probably break contact with her, will I be okay? Or should I contact my bank?
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2021.12.02 13:45 CW24x Flag juggling

Why are so many people doing it now? You can run with the flag now so I don’t get why it’s still such a popular thing
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2021.12.02 13:45 hotgemini888 Needing opinion on this course load

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2021.12.02 13:45 Technatured Trulieve and their ownership of locations.

I keep seeing folks talking about Trulieve taking over Harvest, Solevo, and others. Along with FTP discounts and conflicts. I must have missed the memo, but I’m guessing Trulieve is now the parent company of Harvest and Solevo? Is this correct? I’m interested in getting to one of these location, but am trying to iron out some details first. Like, what are all the Trulieve brands I need to lump into their umbrella? A second question would be, does Delta9 in Greensburg fall under this Trulieve branding? It was previously a Solevo, and then changed to Delta9 by Keystone Integrated Care before I was a patient in the program. Since becoming a patient I have been to Delta 9. Thanks in advance! This place has actually been pretty eye opening to some new strains and info for me, and I appreciate that.
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