Where to start ? Liquid DnB

2021.12.02 11:57 V5RYY Where to start ? Liquid DnB

Hi everyone
Recently downloaded Logic Pro trial and I have signed up for Loopcloud trial too
I have the very very basics of a track together. Couple audio clips from Monrroe’s sample pack and I have added some drums in.
Where could I find out how to create more of a track?
Is there any main things you need in a track etc
Any good YouTube pages ? I taught myself how to mix through YouTube and decided to give producing a go
Any help / advice or any pages to get started up on would be a massive help
Someone point me in the right direction !
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2021.12.02 11:57 filmalcoholic [Question] How to use movie trailers with out getting a strike on my video?

I'm working on a project where we review movies, shows and games, and I want to show the full movie trailer in my review as we talk over it. My worry is that I will get copyright strikes against my video/channel, is there a way around it? Will I not earn money on said videos because of it?
This is a project I want to do, but if its going to get me in hot water, and down the road not make any money then I would not go forward.
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2021.12.02 11:57 bsiegelwax Not a thorough review, but an introduction to QuTech's Quantum Network Explorer.

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2021.12.02 11:57 artie_reddit As it should be EZ Clap

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2021.12.02 11:57 Rhys_Willz12 Average Tyler The Creator Enjoyer 😎

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2021.12.02 11:57 evidenthought I think when they do DLC for this game it should be free. There’s no excuse for them launching the game with only five boards, then charging us to get more. No sure why people would be ok with that

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2021.12.02 11:57 Lumpy-Yesterday-6687 The BOI Army Of Random, Destroyers Of Normal

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2021.12.02 11:57 DeweyRyan BUBBLE CASH PROMO CODE

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2021.12.02 11:57 jacksnyders little embroidery i did

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2021.12.02 11:57 Rhelvetican What is your favorite reddit post of 2021?

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2021.12.02 11:57 EmbarrassedLobster37 What new inventions in tech in the past few years allowed wifi signals to become much stronger than the early 2000 Linksys router days?

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2021.12.02 11:57 mbell37 This game needs footstep sounds

There is no reason why we shouldnt have them. Heavy ass spartans lumbering around in super advanced battle suits. We shoukd be able to hear footsteps of a guy sprinting at you with a 100lbs hammer from 10 feet away. It would add so much to this game, as it is you either rely on the useless radar that doesnt work or you don't because you are playing ranked. I honestly cant believe it took them 6 years to develope this bare bones multiplayer.
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2021.12.02 11:57 borumdalism youth in korea / reto 3d / kodak gold 200

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2021.12.02 11:57 LeftUnite47 Zarah Sultana On Islamophobia and the lack of solidarity from keir starmer

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2021.12.02 11:57 rollingmoon [H] Lightly used Mighty with accessories [W] $300 shipped Paypal G&S

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2021.12.02 11:57 frostbytegold [WP] Your ship has lost navigation, there are no outgoing or incoming connections. You look outside and see a field of abandoned ships. In the middle is a wormhole.

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2021.12.02 11:57 SFlo_Gaymer724 Server 2008 r2 Enterprise Upgrade to 2012 or Higher needed

Here's a very brief description of my situation: We have a Windows Server 2008 r2 Enterprise box that needs to be at the bare minimum upgraded to Server 2012 r2. As this OS is no longer supported, or security auditors are telling us it needs to be off our network. The problem is, any edition of Server 2012 r2 I find tells me it can not be upgraded, but to try a clean install. I cannot do a clean install, the system we have installed on there is ver proprietary and the company that created it does not support it any more. The server is required for operating our business.
Am I missing something in the upgrade path? Is it just something with the Enterprise version of Server 2008 r2 that's causing me to not be able to upgrade?
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2021.12.02 11:57 augusttaureau What water bottle stations are open on campus?

I know fountains are closed but I believe the water bottle refill stations are still open. I know there are some in the Math/Eng buildings, but are there any in the arts buildings? HH, AL, ML, PAS, etc.
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2021.12.02 11:57 InfamousShare3325 Tapwater for coco

Hello, i’m starting soon my first grow and i am going to buy Canna coco professional plus as medium and for the nutes i thought canna coco A + B. Those below are my Tap Water details and i was wondering if i would need to use any calmag. Thanks for your time and patience
pH. 7.2
Electrical conductivity 826 (uS/cm at 20°C)
Calcium mg/l 109
Magnesium mg/l 12
Sodium. Mg/l 41
Potassium mg/l 5.9
Hardness *F 33
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2021.12.02 11:57 KoalaEcstatic1187 Pollo👍

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2021.12.02 11:57 Soupedup379 Pockrass: Jones will stay at #43 throughout the ownership change

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2021.12.02 11:57 Eubillicant Woah😮🤔😨

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2021.12.02 11:57 ThoughtlessUphill How do I accurately measure the width of a sloped box at the top, middle and bottom?

I am working on making a divider for the center console of my truck. I know the walls are slightly sloped, so my divider would have to be angled on the edges. I guess I could try to span a measuring tape across the bottom and bend the tape against the corner, but I never feel like that’s a very accurate measurement. Also I don’t think I would get a good measure in the center point because one side of my tape might be higher than the other. I would prefer the divider pieces to be snug so they don’t move around. Also, I’m going to be 3D printing the pieces so it would need to be pretty accurate so I don’t have to adjust and print a bunch of test pieces. Here’s a drawing of what I’m needing to measure. I’d be open to learning some math equations to figure out the angles if that would help.
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2021.12.02 11:57 Stuff_Status Computer with GTX 1650 super and ryzen 5 1600, 240gb ssd 2tb hdd 8gb ram and MICROTEK UPS - PRICE 66K!!(ANT ESPORTS MOUSE AND KEYBOARD INCLUDED)

Contact me at vibhu7102004@gmail.com
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2021.12.02 11:57 Mistah-clean Pking accounts

I know this would never happen, but I think it would be cool if we could adjust our combat stats for pking. For example, I could have a maxed main and reduce my attack and Defence to those of a pure or zerker, and then afterwards if I feel like doing some boss, I could bring them back up to their actual level. You wouldn’t be able to do it in wild or in combat. Obv this wouldn’t happen but it would be kind of cool so someone new to pvp wouldn’t have to make a new account for pking.
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