Evening Ambience with Relaxing Rain Sound - Cozy Bedroom

2021.12.02 13:38 Jubileum2020 Evening Ambience with Relaxing Rain Sound - Cozy Bedroom

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2021.12.02 13:38 jaketocake This is how, you remind me

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2021.12.02 13:38 dcal88 01 Yamaha kodiak. Is anyone aware of what these 2 red wires are for and why they are wired together? Thanks in advance for your replies

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2021.12.02 13:38 deucalion75 Southwest Rapid Rewards Card Jump From Plus to Priority

Hey guys,
I've seen multiple questions that touch on what I'm about to ask, but none addressing it entirely (sorry if I missed it). I have a Southwest Plus Visa card. When I signed up, I didn't realize there were different (better) versions. After I got the card and realized it, I tried to upgrade and they told me I had to wait until after the renewal. My anniversary is in Feb of 2022.
My question is, if I close the Visa Plus card account right now, can I open a Visa Priority card account in Jan/Feb of 2022? I want to do this for 2 reasons. One is, I don't want to pay the $69 annual fee on the Plus, then upgrade and have to pay an additional $149. The other is, if possible, I would love to get the joining bonus for the Visa Priority card.
I've seen posts where other people have indicated that they've closed their Visa account and opened a new one after a week or two. I'm not sure if that's actually the case or if I'm misremembering it and I'm having trouble finding those posts.
I already have companion and A List through 2022 and I want to maximize my chances of getting it again through 2023 and I think the Priority card is my best bet.
TL;DR: Can someone confirm that this is possible? To close a Southwest Visa Plus account and, after a couple of weeks, open a new Southwest Visa Priority and get all of the bells and whistles of a new account? Any other suggestions for the best options in my scenario would be appreciated. Thanks!!!
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2021.12.02 13:38 flame_tom90 অর্পা রায়ের রসে ভেজা টসটসে ডবকা দেহ ভোগ করতে কে কে চাও

অর্পা রায়ের রসে ভেজা টসটসে ডবকা দেহ ভোগ করতে কে কে চাও submitted by flame_tom90 to BengaliCelebs [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 13:38 tmcn43 A practical, step-by-step guide to using Chrome's DevTools

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2021.12.02 13:38 Soft_Snowyfox Mini Snipenser

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2021.12.02 13:38 FALguy123 Camarasaurus and Allosaurus by Gregory Paul

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2021.12.02 13:38 archangel610 Give me the quintessential steampunk books

If cyberpunk has books like Do Androids Dream, Neuromancer, Snow Crash, etc., what are the steampunk equivalents and why are they important to the genre?
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2021.12.02 13:38 Elusivestone On my Fourth day without a drink; remorse setting.

Hello everyone, I'm a male(30) I've just began my journey to sobriety. I'm in a really precarious position. I've dealt with addiction in the past with Adderall and Alcohol. And I had always slipped up without help. In December of 2012 I quit adderall for good. I had slipped through the years with binge drinking to cope with the emotional pressures of life. As I have a learning Disability and ADHD. I'm very impulsive.
However, long story short I've been binge drinking 3-4 nights a week to cope with a break up for the last year and half. I was with my ex for almost 8 years. A situation arose when we were living together in which i decided to use Alcohol as a coping mechanism. I would binge drink twice a week 10- 12 beers those nights. That lasted a year and 6 months until I left and moved back in with my family. There I began binge drinking 3-4 nights a week 8-10 drinks a night. No one knew I had a problem because I was functional.
In 2020 I left my ex;s apartment and moved back in with my parents. I held down a job then took time off to study for the lsat. My drinking never slowed down. I had blamed my ex, and relived the trauma of our situation over and over every time I drank. It wasn't her fault. I constantly started arguments while i was drunk. Because I couldn't accept the situation. I would drink and contemplate suicide or self harm.
I used alcohol to suppress my feelings; my ex broke up with me in reality 7 months ago. And I have been reliving the entire situation in my head for the past year and half since I moved out of the apartment with her.
I don't know if I'm ready to talk to someone, and I definitely don't want to do rehab. I know that I can never touch another drink in my life again. I know it will ruin my future relationships, school, and life.
I'm just not sure what to do. I don't want to drink again. I don't want talk to people in large groups, and I definitely don't want to go to rehab. I want to be able to forgive myself for my behavior.
I definitely feel a bit trapped, and waves of grief and remorse get to me. For my actions and my behavior. I believe that I started to live 11/29/21, the day I began my journey. I haven't had the desire to drink. But I don't know how to work through these emotions.
I've been reading epictectus. I think my problem is I don't know how to forgive myself for how I behaved. Because I ultimately lost my best friend because of my drinking as she moved on and I hadn't.
I know you cannot do it alone. But i'm not ready to do all those things. I have a strong support system, my brother, my sister and my parents. But I know at some point I'll have to begin mental health consoling.
How do I learn to forgive myself?
Please note: I'm also very insecure when posting; or responding to replies; don't take offense if I don't reply.
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2021.12.02 13:38 wenoc Everyone is talking about Magnus' birthday

Who seriously gives a shit about birthdays? I don't know any adults who actually care about their own birthday at all. Adults only celebrate decenniums, but the actual birthday has no significance at all. Why would this have an effect on the game?
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2021.12.02 13:38 StickBreightley Making a meme out of one line from Sonic Adventure each day until Sonic Adventure 3 is announced: Day 764

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2021.12.02 13:38 Pandacat1551 Being trans is the worst

I'm just gonna write it now. This is sloppy as hell. Just a sloppy fucking vent.
Now I can't speak for other people but being trans for me is terrible. It's the worst form of trauma I've been through out of: nearly dying 3 times, getting beat by my dad for 12 years, and going through early childhood bullying. At least after getting beat or being made fun of all day I'd feel better after leaving the house to eat at a restaurant or when I'd call a friend to go to the mall. Now I literally can't leave the house without getting a major headache and wanting to cry all day because someone called me "lady" or "ma'am" and it feels like cis people don't even try to understand. "Oh yeah. It sucks but what do you expect when you look like that?" or "Oh, why would you want to be a boy? You're so cute as a girl." Ffs they just make it worse. I literally have trouble remembering and focusing from the stress and depression I've gone through just from dysphoria. I can't eat either and I've been hiding in my room and isolating myself from my friends because I keep thinking they all secretly see me as a girl still. I'd rather be cis and go through more abuse than be trans. No joke Oh my fucking God.
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2021.12.02 13:38 SnackSafely Custom Food Guides, Hero Kids, Home IgE Allergy Test (+2 Articles)

Custom Food Guides, Hero Kids, Home IgE Allergy Test (+2 Articles)
Allergy-Friendly Holiday Products Specific to Your Dietary Restrictions! Aside from our standard editions, you can CUSTOMIZE the Safe Snack Guide to exclude your unique mix of 11 allergens and we even give you your own page to share it with family and friends!

Kids Receive Awards for Saving Mom’s Life from Anaphylaxis This is a GREAT story of tragedy averted when two young kids spring into action as their mother is suffering an anaphylactic reaction, likely saving her life.

Dillon Mueller’s Parents Working to Make Epinephrine More Accessible Nationwide Dillon Mueller's parents are continuing their work to make emergency epinephrine more readily available in Wisconsin and nationally with "Dillon's Law 2.0". Learn more about Dillon, his parents' efforts, and see the WFRV-TV news report here.

Sign and Share the Petition to Make Much Needed Changes to Allergy Labeling Current US labeling regulations make it impossible for the allergic community to find safe foods without calling the manufacturer, but it doesn't have to be this way. Please read and sign this petition, then share it on your page and with family, friends, and colleagues. Together we can bring about much-needed change.

IgE Allergy Test for Top 9 Food Allergens Now Available for At-Home and Clinic Use At-home IgG tests that proliferate the market are of dubious value. Now, true IgE allergy testing is available using a kit you order from a website, administer at home, and mail in to the lab.
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2021.12.02 13:38 MrLemonish The real apex predator

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2021.12.02 13:38 EducationalPlant579 Daddy put a baby in her.

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2021.12.02 13:38 SFViper Pirates: in an adventure with a phone addict

About two months ago. Me and my friend played with someone. This person refused to do anything at all through our 2 hour session. We decided to play through the pirates life. Throughout the hour we played pirates life, they spent about 55 minutes on their phone messaging their friend about us. They invited this friend into our private call who proceeded to harass us at which point the person who refused to do anything told his friend that we refused to LET him do anything. His friend became very toxic and accused us of being ‘shit players’ and ‘fake pirate legends’. The two people then added us to a group and began to harass us for 50 minutes straight, adding us back after we’d leave
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2021.12.02 13:38 killa_bite New to Metro Detroit! Need some cool spots to explore

Hey everyone!
I’m a student who just moved from Windsor to Detroit back in September. My gf is from Detroit but has been having some anxiety and feeling depressed lately. I want to take her on fun dates or adventures to help cheer her up and just in general but I’m not super familiar with the area.
If y’all got any restaurants, attractions, or special spots to explore, feel free to leave some suggestions. Thanks! :)
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2021.12.02 13:38 sw33tpea80 Boyfriend and I (both 39) having problems. Venting/need advice.

A little back story: My boyfriend and I have been together for 17 years, we’re both 39. We’re not married but in a committed relationship, I just call him my husband because it’s easier. In 2014, at 32 years old, I was dx with aggressive breast cx and went through chemo, radiation, and multiple multiple surgeries. I was in the medical field and left after having daily panic attacks (I couldn’t mentally/physically handle it.) I took time to heal my body after everything I went though and then after a couple years I got a job that pays a lot less but was perfect fit for me. I then lost my job due to Covid. During this time we had a baby, born this past summer. I am now a stay at home mom.
Currently, I have money in savings and have paid all my debt off a few years ago. I solely rely on my partner for almost everything. We have never had great communication, especially with money. He has always lived a “single life” where he basically does what he wants and buys what he wants, whether I agree or not. I am big on communication and like talking about an issue and move on, and he is the opposite. This has led to major problems in our relationship over the years. To add, both his parents are controlling narcissists. He gets defensive about EVERYTHING, no matter how big or small. He’s also had to lie growing up because of the way his parents were/are. He has continued to do this as an adult. This has also caused a lot of problems a few times. I have literally begged him to go to counseling, whether alone or with me. I’ve gone to a therapist since 2014 and it’s helped me SO much. I feel insignificant in this relationship, he calls all the shots, and anytime I mention something we need, he acts like he doesn’t care (example: we need blackout shades for the babies room, which I’ve mentioned a dozen times and he blows it off, and the baby wakes up when the sun comes up because of this) but he bought 2 classic cars and restored both of them, he has an arsenal of guns and hunting equipment, has a handful of guitars, I found a credit card statement for $16,000 that he paid in full and I didn’t know about it. Meanwhile, we talked about closing in our breezeway to make a larger living room and then he suddenly said “we can’t afford it.” Now I know why. I saw the statements and it was all car parts and guns… in just ONE YEAR. He hides all this from me. Our cat is now sick and needs bloodwork and possible ultrasound and he completely flipped out and started screaming at me that he “can’t keep paying for this shit” I’ve completely shut down. I have no family nearby, they’re 4 hours away, I have no close friends here, and his family is toxic and suffocating. I have no one. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know if I just needs to vent or need advice.
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2021.12.02 13:38 Appropriate_Guard744 What advice/tips would you give to a 16 year old girl?

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2021.12.02 13:38 DustyHound The boredom tactic didn’t work.

I expected this tug of war in June. They tried to bore us out. So let’s carry on and just battle this out, wallstreet. Just realize that we are now the Wall.
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2021.12.02 13:38 suzartwest Grub Hub gps Wonky!

Anyone else having these issues? I start my delivery and realize halfway that it’s sending me to a wrong location in the opposite direction! 3 times yesterday had to manually input into Google maps to get me to my destination. Is it the GH staff inputting wrong/incomplete info? That’s the only thing I can figure. The address last night was W Main st and it sends me to East Main Street 10 miles opposite!
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2021.12.02 13:38 AzisEmre Parcare trotinete Lime Constanta 2021 colorized

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2021.12.02 13:38 frusil16 [NS] Does anyone remember when Zach's love is love/lin Manuel miranda speech was in campaign 1?

Think its in ep 89 but not sure when in the ep. Hope this doesn't constitute a spoiler. Thanks
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2021.12.02 13:38 atwopiecepuzzle How my PCs were turned against each other

I thought my players were too RPG-experienced to really get pulled in by the old "BBEG turns them against each other," and indeed blatant attempts to recruit a traitor by Strahd were laughable failures. What worked? Buckle up and find out why my party is turning on itself after one night of watch.
Party: human barbarian, half-elf noble rogue, half-elf fighter, elf wizard, elf druid. Text in [brackets] are meta comment explaining what's really happening
My part divides up watch into 4x 2-hour shifts so there's always a pair on watch (elf Trance time allows this strategy), which means they're usually good at not gotting caught unawares at night. Elves and half-elves are immune to magical sleep, and elves are advantaged against charm effects. One thing they aren't advantaged against: Banishment.
Currently they're resting inside the Vistani tent at the encampment near Vallaki (after attending an elaborate funeral ceremony for the victims of Rictavio's tiger, which they released from Vallaki during the Feast, albeit not knowing what would happen). Two shifts go by, it's ~3am, and the human barbarian + elf wizard take their shift. They start chatting for a few, when suddenly a wolf howls just outside the tent [minor illusion]. Barbarian turns toward the sound; when they turn back, wizard is gone. Wizard, meanwhile, spends 1 minute in an empty plane of mist [Strahd cast Banishment, and they failed the save]. Barbarian sees the wizard walk past the entrance to the tent [Strahd using Disguise Self] and runs out to ask what's going on. As they approach, wizard says "go to sleep", and barbarian immediately passes out [Strahd upcast Sleep on the only human in the party].
[It's at this point that I sent my barbarian player a small sheet saying "You are playing someone who isn't you, but appears like you and knows your general speech patterns and basics about the party. Your goals are to do/learn X, Y, and Z." This player is a great player and RP'd it extremery well, as you'll see].
Wizard pops back after a minute, inside the tent but with barbarian nowhere to be seen, though her grunting outside is audible. Wizard wakes the half-elf fighter and goes out to find barbarian [Strahd] swinging her axe (which all assume is cursed somehow). They yell at her to come back, she gets them to invite her inside ("Are you sure it's okay for me to come inside? Is it safe?"; "Barbarian, get in the tent, come on"). She plays an airhead character at times so this was fairly believable, if odd. Wizard+Barbarian the previous night got tricked into reaving the Wizard's Tower for a werewolf ambush, so they already have a reputation on watch.
They wake the whole party. Barbarian [Strahd] plays it off like nothing's happening, and entire party unintentionally gaslights the wizard ("Why did you wake us up nothing in happening") and go back to sleep. Barbarian [Strahd] meanwhile asks and gets info about the party's plans, the wizard's spell list, the fact they have the Tome, and other things.
When all are asleep, Barbarian [Strahd] holds up a jodnt of some kind, playing it off as some kind of Vistani weed. Wizard, feeling like something is definitely off but no one believes her, starts going through everyone's things to see if anything was storen (nothing was). When she looks away, barbarian [Shrahd] casts Modify Memory. Even with advantage, the elf failed the save (rolled double 5s)
The memory implanted, in short, was: barbarian went outside to smoke, wizard found them passed out, bacbarian woke up, gave them a hug, passed out again, wizard found a forgotten scroll of Scrying in their pack, scried briefly on Ismark, saw him in Ireena's room crying out things like "How could you leave me alone here?" before plunging the longsword into his chest' staining the bed etc, and deciding against helling Ireena immediately in case she'd want to go back. I had a script for this that I sent to the barbarian player in the moment, so she delivered the memories as the barbarian, within 1 minute and covering a span of 10 minutes (per the spell). The wizard then forgets the casting of the spell, and the barbarian is gone from the tent; wizard remembers that barbarian is outside.
Wizard character has romantic interest in Ireena, and earlier told her "I 100% guarantee everything will return to normal", now believes they have secret knowledge that Ismark is dead, that he blamed in the moment of his death, and of course none of this is true at all. She goes outside to wake up the barbarian, who doesn't remember any of the conversation, only remembers the wizard "told me to sleep". Wizard character is so done with it all tonight (player is loving it all), they go and wake up the vengeance-obsessed violent noble rogue (harsh "party mom").
The barbarian says she remembers basically nothing but the wizard [Strahd] telling her to sleep, and possibly using magic. The wizard blames this on the barbarian smoking the Vistani joint, which the barbarian does not remember doing. The party generally thinks the barbarian isn't smart enough to really deceive them, meanwhile the wizard has never shared their motivations or goals in Barovia, so there's already minor suspicion. Now that the wizard is barely trying to explain the situation (because she's drained after a stressful and traumatic night and holding a devastating [but false] secret from the woman she's interested in), she's extra uncovincing. Noble rogue wakes the super-good druid and wizard/barbarian trance/sleep.
Rogue immediately tells druid that the wizard is a spy who was using offensive magic against the barbarian. The communication is like telephone here, with the result that the rougue very much convinces the druid. They are now attempting to swipe the wizard's component pouch with trancing (though wizard rolled dirty 20 on perception with disadvantage, tbd what the sleigh of hand roll is).
In summary: - Strahd used Banishment and Disguise self to switcheroo himself, then got invited into the tent - Other party members unintentionally gaslit the wizard, not taking her seriously because "nothing happened" - Strahd got a bunch of info about the party directly from the wizard - Wizard has false memory of heartbreaking news for Ireena, who she loves - Strahd will use this to make the wizard appear manipulative or deceitful since Ismark isn't actually dead - Both players know what happened and had appropriate saves/feel it was all fair, but neither character has any clue - Other party members now suspect the wizard of being a spy and are moving to restrain her
This was a fascinating watch session, after which the wizard player told me, "Afterward I wasn't sure if barbarian just cast Modify Memory on me or not...and I'm still not sure."
So glad I gave control of [Strahd] barbarian to the barbarion player, it all played so excellently, even Strahd couldn't have doped for such a great outcome and the party chaos that's about to ensue. One of the greatest watch sessions ever.
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