2021.12.02 11:53 Orochi-Kenpachi Ram 3200 mhz only detect 2133mhz

Hello guys today my ram has arrive Corsair lpx 2x8gb(16gb) 3200 mhz 16cl
im install it to my pc in my mother board Asrock H51M-HDV my ram its detecte only 2133 mhz 15cl and my cpu its i 10400f the ram should works to 2666mhz minimun i guess but another thing i dont see its the profile xmp option in the motherboard
i hope somebody can help me here
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2021.12.02 11:53 AtlantaGamecock My favorite iteration of the Green Goblin! Fingers crossed that we see him in No Way Home!

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2021.12.02 11:53 XenGlaris i think i have to make new save and yes i used a mod

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2021.12.02 11:53 Additional-Ad5055 New DD - This is the Mechanics of MOASS, Eli5 of the GME Squeeze Fundamentals and importance of timing for DRS.

Hi apes,
To start let me remind you, this is only for educational purposes and is in no way intended to be a financial advice, I’m not a financial advisor and you should do your own research and create your own conclusions.
I might have figured out how transactions are made and why they can manipulate the prize up or down, also found a solution.
Smooth brain friendly :)
The process needs to be simplified to only 2 steps, with 2 options.
Buy on CS and HOLD
The process has evolved, only dealing with one single middleman (CS), claiming ownership of the stock and HOLD, can’t get simpler than that.
Remember: The only way to guarantee that apes and retail are getting real shares is to use COMPUTERSHARE ONLY.
There is also a missing piece for apes to understand how these transactions are made, so I made a smooth version explaining it with images and colors. I’ve read 100’s of DD already and having seen anything like this.
So firstly I’m going to share my 3 hypothesis and then explain to you with details and eli5, how every share transaction is made? (Check out my logic).
Why and how dealing with brokers is allowing shorts to drive the price up or down:

How are the stock transactions made? (in a big scope, I think I cracked the code :P)
I started to follow a single transaction and uncovering how is this fuckery played, for that it’s important to understand the next educational video about LIQUIDITY POOLS, to understand the structure of trading. (It’s a short and amazing video for eli5 with a whiteboard animation )
Feel free to watch it twice if you don’t understand it well.
One important note to have very clear is that in trade there is always 2 sides (an exchange between 2 pools) and that both HAVE to be EQUAL in VALUE.
In this exercise one pool full is of CASH and the other full of SHARES. When the pool of CASH grows then the pool of SHARES only have 2 options to balance:
So the fact that the VALUE hasn’t increased to match the months and months of apes buying and adding buying pressure raised my 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩.
Be aware that past this point, there is required to have read previous DD and be aware of the GME unique situation.
Colors of importance:
Pink : SNSHARES (street name shares, no distinction between real or synthetic)
Red: REAL 100% shares
Purple: Computershare Green: Apes
Brown: Shitadel (and market makers)
So, let’s get it on!
Trade between Ape/retail and the broker:
This is the simple structure of the market, with at least 3 layers of middleman’s to settle a transaction when only 1 layer is needed (in the case of DRS with computershare).
Also, step 1 with a simple transaction between apes and broker. Give CASH and receive one “street name” SNSHARE (that most likely is a fake share).
Let’s continue with step 2 (sorry for the bad drawing hahaha, I’m not an artist at all!!)
Trade between brokers, MM and Dece & Co
Here is the transaction between the market maker and the broker, notice that the broker gives the CASH (or retain it) and receive a SNSHARE (most likely a naked/counterfeit/synthetic share). So the broker keep the SNSHARE without knowing if that is a REAL SHARE (In red) or a fake one. Then tells apes “trust me bRo” I bought and got your share.
Notice that everytime apes buy a share and they need to drive the price up, then they will go to the DTC and purchase real shares themselves with as many transactions available on the “lit” markets.
When they want to drive the price down, use your transaction to create a new fresh fake SNSHARE and internalize it in their dark pools, which also look similar than this structure, but off chain.
Only two options really.
Trade between computershare and apes:
In this photo, we see how computershare looks like and the difference, one pool being cash and the other it’s an actual ledger with an organized ownership, assigning and storing real shares and that’s about it.
When ape buys from computershare, computershare uses a broker to execute the transaction, but regardless, the share MUST be a REAL share (in red) so it MUST come from the DTCC Shares pool (since computershare debut that from the total outstanding number of shares).
Now what happens when apes already have shares in the broker (gave the broker cash), and then apes register trough DRS to computershare:
This is a next step when apes DRS their shares from a broker, in this case the broker request a REAL share from the Market Maker MM and they will request one from the DTCC pool of REAL shares.
Then the broker will deliver the REAL share to Computershare, **there can be a loophole here, if the broker doesn’t deliver an actual REAL share but instead gives a CASH equivalent and allow CS to buy them themselves, in that case the broker doesn’t HAVE to ever have a share or even request it from the Market Maker.
This is the draft of the structure of how it might be organized in an big scope.
Of course there are more layers and layers because that’s why they do when they want to scam, cover into more layers of derivatives and products like swaps, options, CDOs or bonds.
This is the underneath layout and structure, the fundamentals, and those are broken.
After analyzing this structure I can conclude that using or inputting money to the DTCC in form of brokers, HFS, MM, IRA, pensions or any funds, is allowing them to manipulate the market at will, the mechanics are the ones explained above.
The rules and margins, numbers, regulations are set to them and continue this, that is only a Ponzi scheme.
According to this analysis, using the DTCC and adding any value into it will allow the creation of bubbles inside GME and every stock for every time they create a synthetic share. This will dilute the amount of shares and reducing their fundamental value since “the pie (whole market cap) have to be shared between more kids (shares).
This is predatory and has been intended to eventually bankrupt the company and bore/share retail out of the game so they can bankrupt it and scoop cheap real estate.
Simplifying the process in two 2 steps, with two options.
Buy on CS and HOLD
The process has evolved, only dealing with one single middleman (CS), claiming ownership of the stock and HOLD, can’t get simpler than that.
The only way to guarantee that apes and retail are getting real shares is to use COMPUTERSHARE ONLY.
The strategy of apes want to stop this scam to keep happening and being ongoing to GME is to USE COMPUTERSHARE ONLY.
Any money handled or store in brokers (call it CASH or SHARES) is supporting this scam to continue going on and on.
Fundamentally, the power is where retail and apes put their trust on.
We saw what brokers did in January and we are seen what the market is doing to GameStop GME.
So the only logical solution is to stop dealing with brokers and the DTCC all together and only do business with CS or directly with the stock you like.
Regardless if this analysis and hypothesis is wrong, and since there is no way to confirm it, it’s CONFIRMED that DRS and Buying DIRECTLY from computershare guarantee the stock being purchased and supported the business you love.
So basically, fuck it, the solution should be leave all brokers all together (look at what happened to robinhood now that is running out of clients. Let them to play alone with the bags.
Since every action cause a reaction, there is also pros and cons on leaving brokers all together.
The price is made up so most likely gonna go up, down, backwards and whatever, it’s only gonna be game over when SHORTS CLOSE THEIR POSITIONS, not cover, but CLOSE.
If hypothetically, apes all leave the brokers and use that money to straight up buy back in computershare. There is only so many shares that can be bought.
So for apes that are trapped in their brokers and can’t DRS, the only choice will be selling, waiting for settlement in your account and then buy on CS, (if you haven’t created an account yet, might take you weeks and even months depends on your location to be able to buy directly), One good trick is to buy one share on a broker that does DRS around you, then open the account, wait and once you get the pin, then you can transfer the funds from your broker to CS (AkA selling).
When transferring funds in cash (selling), during that period, you won’t have Street Name Share or a real share, you only have cash, so then you will rely on CS having shares for you.
Once the whole outstanding shares are locked in CS, CS cannot sell more shares since there and not gonna be available anymore, in that specific case an ape on transition can get caught and unable to buy Shares, at that moment moass is guaranteed. So to solve that logically, would be to just transfer funds once the CS account is ready.
Also, in the AMA part 2 with Computershare, I noticed that he mention that there is no problem from CS to send the shares back to a broker that uses DRS, so in worse case worse, you can come back and reset being back to the broker.
I think this is it for now. Finally finished this draft and will be uploading this post later tonight, please let me know about the name, seems like might attract shills.
Hope this helps, raise questions and use your critical thinking.
BUY on CS, HOLD, DRS (if needed).
The Timing of MOASS
There is another factor that apes need to consider And that is the timing of the MOASS, if apes want to be in control.
So let’s look different factors I’m looking different factors. I’m working as hard as I can to help the MOASS. I’m trying to win the game.
Is there is still 20 million shares needed to be locked. It will need 202.000 new apes with 99 shares each to lock that, if the average is half, need 404.000 apes with 54.5 shares each to lock that (it’s 3.6billion usd).
How long is that gonna take? At this pace probably about a year. Considering also that apes have used firepower for the last 9-10 months and wasted lots of ammo in shitty brokers.
The problem is not waiting another year. The problem here is that the way the FED is running the monetary policy and printing this excessively is gonna lead to hyperinflation, when that happens or the market collapses, the value of the dollar will change drastically. Making millions be lot let valuable since everything around will be as valuable if that makes sense.
Like the Venezuelan bolívares, I’ve seen photos of people carrying bags and bags of bills 💵 to buy rice or fruit. So then doesn’t matter if you have millions or billions, that’s is a bigger risk in my opinion than taking a bit of the size of the moass, that will be controlled anyway by apes in DRS, since those are the only REAL shares.
So there is a good factor to focus on MOASS with targeted focused fire. Sooner rather than later.
Hope this make sense to you guys :)
This is not financial advice, please do your own research, ask questions and dig yourself, there are tons of videos and DD in this sub that is incredible what apes have learn trough this journey, proud of every single one of you :) and if needed seek financial advice near you.
🍉 out.
Edited: as per a comment bellow
If the entire company get DRSed, doesn’t matter what happen with the price, the price is manipulated up and down anyway.
But then created legal ground for GME to sue, destroy or leave the DTCC all together because of this fukery.
Forcing the short to CLOSE
This is my opinion based on me research and months reading all the DD and making my own too.
Edit 2:
To answer the question of “what is apes start seeing red and start selling from DRS when the price goes down?”
That definitely would help shorts because it would relief them from having to buy less REAL shares in the event they are forced to CLOSE their short positions.
“If the reason why you have invested in the first place hasn’t change, your resolution shouldn’t change either” - mark cuban.
Of apes diamond hands believe in the thesis, fundamentals and mechanics of the moass, then no matter what the price is, apes won’t care.
The price won’t tank or go bellow a certain point just based on GameStop fundamentals and earnings reports. So really, this is a more logical solution to end fukery with no down sides as long as apes do DRS.
There should be enough synthetic shares to cover multiple floats, So it’s only gonna get to the point when the entire Outstanding shares of the company is locked in DRS, at that point apes will notice that the brokers are still selling shares, but CS cannot process any more.
That’s when RC and GME can start the moass, by forcing them to CLOSE the shorts, return the shares borrowed to the original owners having to buy the already locked shares in DRS, creating an spiral of extremely high demand (all naked shorts that need to be closed) with a very low supply of shares (apes not wanting to sell their DRSed shares), that will skyrocket the price to infinite levels, that’s when apes control the price.
Closing and liquidating computers don’t pick prices, they run and buy any share that become available in the auction and will drive the price up trying to find sellers of real shares.
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2021.12.02 11:53 LukaszMauro New bedroom-produced album I just released. Lo-fi/electronic/ambient/experimental/collage fans will enjoy!

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2021.12.02 11:53 anthony_blues Workin day night for future .

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2021.12.02 11:53 Comfortable-Bonus421 Brussels Taxi Drivers

If they think that they can hold the city to ransom and cause gridlock all day just because they don't like the idea of Uber being possibly allowed to operate, they can fuck right off, and then fuck off some more.
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2021.12.02 11:53 verlad Need assistance with finding a motherboard plastic connector for a laptop

Is there a place where I can buy another plastic piece that connects this power strip to the motherboard? (the plastic piece I am referring to here is what holds the blue power strip in place with the white connector)
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2021.12.02 11:53 Hajer_15 a witch outfit design

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2021.12.02 11:53 Saint_Arc I took this picture of my pocket car last night.

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2021.12.02 11:53 mdhunter99 People who have been on reality shows, how real is it? How much of it was staged/legit?

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2021.12.02 11:53 10pumpsclassic Did anyone ever go back to grab their masters/phD to further advance their career?

I lost my job during my pandemic, so I wanted to course-correct and go into a different direction. Prior to the start of the pandemic however, I was bouncing around from job to job and never really solidified what I wanted to do. I was making money, couldn't get a promotion, and usually got bored after about a year or so, sometimes even less.
After a 10-month layoff where I Just sat around and did nothing, which was much needed, I'm enrolled in an alternative certification program that would allow me to be a teacher in New York City public schools, but lately, I've been falling down the rabbit hole, and obsessed with the idea of obtaining a phD since I heard they pay you, albeit not much. I do understand it is about 6 years of one's life, so it is a big commitment, financial and energy wise.
My program would heavily subsidize my masters for me, provide me a living stipend during training (not much) and a teacher's salary while I work towards that masters, plus some other benefits.
Did anyone ever decide to go back to school to advance their career?
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2021.12.02 11:53 ogutucu LPT: Always bring your own vehicle to family/friend gatherings so you can leave when you want to.

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2021.12.02 11:53 Extension-Entrance89 who wanna trade pics?

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2021.12.02 11:53 jmka_investments Tega Industries Limited IPO Review

In this post i have done review of Tega Industries Ltd. IPO https://youtu.be/M2yptcwzryE
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2021.12.02 11:53 qwertyuiopalzmxnskwo Proficient in Excel

I’ve been applying for jobs and a few of which stated that one of their requirement is for candidates to be proficient in excel. How proficient is proficient?
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2021.12.02 11:53 JoWood94 Need Help to make a game based on gzdoom in a wine bottle

Hi guys, i've searched through the entire internet but i still have a problem.
Basically some friends made a game based on gzdoom, so i'm trying to make it work in a wine bottle on crossover on a mac m1 pro.
the game uses vk and open gl, i have enabled DXVK for wine (are they vulkan alternatives?).
The prelauncher of the game works, but the game tries to start and after that throws some error on my wine bottle.
Could you help me? thanks in advance :)
PS: if you need the error log, i'll try to send it to you
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