Nobody wants to mins their business

2021.12.02 13:44 EVILMINDY12 Nobody wants to mins their business

First of all I'm glad I found this! Nobody ik watches this train wreck but me lol. They have no boundaries, Pedro needs to stop acting like he wasn't in the hot seat not too long ago he's picking up on the family's bad habits. Chantel is going to end up like her mom the attitudes r too similar at this point. Lydia is a a bully to her children and their partners and chantels dad needs to grow a back bone and tell his wife to mind their marriage and stay out of their childrens.
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2021.12.02 13:44 TheGreatGoosby Which are you, 1907

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2021.12.02 13:44 darkman9910 F*** being Middle Eastern

I come from a middle eastern family and I hate My Religion so much because I went through hell at the time what happened to me honestly I just can't stand being Arab I wish I was white I wish I come from a white family and honestly this is going to be a long post nobody in my community likes me nobody wants to give me a second chance I snitched so many time in my teenage years and I regret it 100%. There was so much dating going on at the church at the mosque sorry and I did everything white in my life I followed the religion never had sex in my life and I waited I saw so much people were having fun at the mosque and I was jealous I tried to hook up with so many girls at the mosque and they just didn't like my looks I fell in love with this beautiful Egyptian girl who was 14 and I was 16 I try talking to her she ignore me I sent her a friend request on Facebook and she blocked me and then she decided to date another man at the mosque who was a Syrian man who was very very ugly by the way it turns out I was very very jealous of him my sister who was also dating at the time people at the mosque she told me stay away from her she doesn't want anything to do with you you are not her type I got so mad and I started to tell everything was going on at the mosque I told my family members and I snitch on everybody who was having a relationship and then my mom told me are you sure this is happening and I told her I even have some pictures anyway let me tell you what happened next I was in the bathroom one time and my best friend came up to me he goes why are you snitching on everybody I feel like they were going to jump on me so thank God I had a pencil in my pocket just in case I was going to get jumped I told him to f*** off and you better back the hell away from me he said no we're going to do about it so I spit on his face and then I went on Facebook and I created a fake Facebook account and calling them all the n words like seriously it had it was that bad well 15 years later nobody wants anything to do with me and everybody married each other and are still married nobody likes me in my community what did I do wrong you telling me and this is why I hate being Arab I hate being in Middle Eastern I wish I come from a normal family and this is why I said religious is a very dangerou I met a best friend at the mosque and everybody was telling him stay away from that guy this is when when I was 18 years old he gave me his phone number and we were hanging out and I think he knows what I did so what time in high school I text him and I was like you want to go to the gym he ignored me and I was like okay maybe he didn't see the message the next day I message him he ignore me I called him this guy was acting like a freaking Karen saying stop calling him I don't want anything to do with you then he blocked me I tell him to go f*** yourself then he blocked me then two years later he told my sister how I was being weird and how I kept messaging him and my mom accused me of being gay now that I did think about it this all played a big wall of My teenage life so be careful what you say to your parents because it will haunt you the rest of your life and I'm still stuck on this s***** town and guess what everybody that I know in my teenage years at the mosque they are all married they all up marrying each other and they're having babies by their own
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2021.12.02 13:44 NewsElfForEnterprise The Nasdaq and the Dow are now trading in a way that was evident just before the internet bubble burst

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2021.12.02 13:44 drynionph ✊$RoninGamez – Just got listed in CMC! ⭐ | ⚡ Launching Now on BSC | All NFTs will be out made by lead dev ❤Alex Lopez – in charge of Magic the Gathering, NBA 2k, NFL 2k☀︎ | Revolutionary gaming and NFT eco-system | ☄︎ Liquidity Lock | ☑︎Next x100

Join the bullrun! $RoninGamez is currently on upstreak as they got listed on CMC
Get into the community to experience the upcoming utility presentation
Waste no time and take hold of the precious $RONINGMZ tokens while they are still hot!
☘︎Where to buy? Pancakeswap with 8% slippage! ☠︎
✖ What is Ronin Games?
Ronin Games is a multi-player gaming and NFT ecosystem created to revolutionize the field of Parimutuel betting.
Ronin Gamez is building a platform to bring together the best aspects of Crypto, Gaming, NFTs & Betting. The RONIN token will serve as the native utility token on the platform, being used for, but not limited to, interacting with the games by purchasing upgrades & NFTs, betting, voting/governance, staking and more.
♾ Who is their main dev? He is a world know figure in the gaming world!
His main lead gaming developer is – Alex Lopez. He was responsible for major computer video games like “Magic the gathering”, “NBA 2k”, “NFL 2k”.

❤️Tokenomics - Roninomics:
☝️Total Supply: 100,000,000
☝️Tax -6%: 2% Auto liquidity, 4% Marketing
☝️Secure – Time base tokenism solve anti-pump and dump, paper hands, sniper bots
☝️Robust – Airdrop rewards for diamond holders
♻⛩️Total Distribution:
♨️ Private Sale – 20%
♨️ Pre-Sale – 40%
♨️ Liquidity – 14%
♨️ Airdrops – 10%
♨️ Staking – 6%
♨️ Team – 10%
✈️Contract Address: 0xC6ac148250736a67E84864Eae2B45A8a81D9e163
❄️ Join the community and feel the great vibe!
Ronin Games’ team have given you a wide variety of social platforms that you can engage with and communicate with other people in the project. Right there you can contact the team and ask them anything you feel like it! I have done it myself and they are flawless in their response.
♟️ Website:
✉️ Telegram:
☎️ Twitter:
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2021.12.02 13:44 RadeonRX Government drone contaminating food supply.

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2021.12.02 13:44 BrooklynHighRise Listing: 530 Midwood Street #3D

Walk into your Sundrenched, South Facing 1 Bed 1 Bath in this Beautiful Elevator Building. Private Rooftop! King & Queen size bedrooms, Ensuite Master Bath, Large Closets, High vaulted ceilings, Designer kitchen, Brand name appliances, and granite countertop. This building also has a fantastically furnished Roof Deck perfect for get-togethers. Private rooftop terrace No Fee! Close to supermarkets, trains, and cafes. Call, Text, or Email for a showing tailored to your schedule
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2021.12.02 13:44 jaydayl Buy more IOTA or wait on #SMR and #ASMB

The title basically explains it. I'm wondering if it makes sense to stock up now on IOTA (higher staking rewards), or rather invest directly into #SMR #ASMB when they are available. What is your perspective on this?
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2021.12.02 13:44 nils5k is there any cartier santos seller with quickswitch & smartlink feature?? brought one from WU & it dont have those features

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2021.12.02 13:44 CardiLad It seems I do quite like lil peep.

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2021.12.02 13:44 papa1982 😠

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2021.12.02 13:44 Maleficent_Dog6641 Mpeite afoba

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2021.12.02 13:44 b1N4Ry_v01d Poll: Best Overall Marksman Rifle

What do you think is the best all around Marksman Rifle? Vote now.
View Poll
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2021.12.02 13:44 LongComparison CivPro: Are we all under state and/or federal court jurisdiction right now? Or are we not under any court's jurisdiction until someone commences an action naming us as a party?

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2021.12.02 13:44 acedelaforet2 River Series

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2021.12.02 13:44 oolieander Remember your delivery drivers 🎅

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2021.12.02 13:44 Solid_Chocolate_8788 Attacking red flagged player in yellow zone

This might be a noob question but why can't I attack red flagged player in yellow zone?
It doesn't let me do damage or target an attack.
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2021.12.02 13:44 RW780 What is your favorite Tom Robbins book?

I'm stuck between Still Life With Woodpecker and Skinny Legs and All. Any other favourites?
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2021.12.02 13:44 Apollo_Justice_20 Which is the better one? In your guys opinion.

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2021.12.02 13:44 dawnightfall 20 [F4F] study buddy night shift with lowkey landi

henloo i want a study buddy esp night shift people. i dont need a constant kausap like maybe we can share short convos in between breaks via chat. preferrably someone who’s doing/cramming tasks at night and does not mind about late replies so no pressure sis
can also do side landi like we can exchange selfies to each other while doing our own work,,, idc if mukha kang sabog cuz same pero minsan cute naman aq ehe
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2021.12.02 13:44 misspissgirl zekrom raid first ten

7821 8950 8098
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2021.12.02 13:44 drstrangelove444 Declassified CIA files raise further questions about US complicity in Colombian massacres

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2021.12.02 13:44 DIESELANDBRUTUS Need help in cathedral

Im stuck at the crypt of magnus
I dont know what im supposed to do but its getting annoying
the enemies are really powerful (one hit deaths)
and I have no idea what im supposed to be looking for
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2021.12.02 13:44 torkcheese Bbbbbbbbbbb44444bbbbbbbb

$matty2flatty I need weed let’s go I got 3 left send it I got you back
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