What are some manga parts(before S4 P2) that aren't included in the anime?

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2022.01.20 16:10 ManufacturerSea4886 What are some manga parts(before S4 P2) that aren't included in the anime?

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2022.01.20 16:10 Remarkable-Ad5962 Idk why y’all keep switching the face of the Bronx

KAY flock is obviously the face of the Bronx still nigga … Even locked up he’s the most popular all that bro had like 700K before he disabled his insta and his new insta at 48K…. Y’all can’t say kay flock not the face of the Bronx let’s say he does get out he taking that whole shit over lmao and he’s doing more then 100K inna day . No dickriding just saying 🤷🏽‍♂️
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# what
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2022.01.20 16:10 Doubt_Important Ilpt Sooo will my job call my doctors office if I fill out my own doctors note or papers?

I was covid positive for work but I have crappy doctors office who never answers the phone and only sees people online currently and I can't get ahold of her. Can I fill out the paper work myself and maybe... fake like it's her. Will anyone check?
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2022.01.20 16:10 Dear-Statistician-81 What parts of computer science does the Metaverse link to?

I know it links to AI but thats all…
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2022.01.20 16:10 Throwawayc2022 Close Friend of 10 Years and I argue, Set Up Date To Chat, They End The Relationship. How Do I Stop Hoping For Reconciliation, What Do I Do?

Necessary background:
All mid-late 20's and had been friends for almost a decade. They are someone I loved and as kids it was a crush, but as we grew together and figured out who we were, what our orientations may be, etc. I came to love him as my brother; I still do. I am female and A will be referred to as they.
A is a first responder by profession. They are typically good-natured, literal, smart and funny. I've never seen them act out of anger or impulsively.
I am newly immunocompromised [within the last year], due to this I am currently dealing with things like daily vomiting and/or pain, surgeries, other procedures, etc. My twin is immunocompromised as well, and he is dying. We can only make him comfortable.
M is A's roommate. She has been A's friend since they were babies and she is awesome. She is respectful, she is kind. I'm thankful that she agrees with me and I'm grateful that she's still able to be fully there and supportive for A at the same time.
The Issue:
A knows about my twin and knows that I am newly immunocompromised but doesn't know more than that. A is a first responder and we had plans of meeting up and catching up as we hadn't seen each other in a few months due to Covid-19. We were supports for each other after all. Illegal block and frat parties happened at the start of the UNI year and when it hit the news I put a post on my socials explaining that if anyone seeing that post had participated in the illegal gatherings that caused our area to experience another "new" wave of Covid-19 to please delete me or let me know so I may delete them.
A hit me up with some dangerous rhetoric - except I didn't know it was rhetoric at the time, and that doesn't excuse it. They snapped what I would you do if they told me that they went. Others had sent similar snaps, but they weren't A. For the others, I didn't respond I just blocked them on the spot.
With A, I told them what I would say to them. That if true, that would be egregious, they're a first responder who would be putting every single person they respond to at risk. That to participate in such activities A would have known about the huge risks, the laws being broken, and that they would have had to know that they would specifically be passing along whatever variant they had to the patients they respond to. Effectively giving out death sentences to anyone who cannot physically survive Covid-19, including my twin brother. The callous and dangerous rhetoric hit even harder when A justified it. I am a sociologist by profession and dangerous and/or violent rhetoric is not something I'm new to. I have witnessed it lead to the direct deaths of people [not Covid related] to the decline of peoples health , financial and housing situations, familial situations, etc [including but not limited to Covid]. I was too angry and frustrated to be able to explain what dangerous rhetoric was. Instead I let him know I needed some time and asked him to give me it. We agreed that anger clouds vision and A admitted that they read my messages with angry tones and it would be better to chat in person. I agreed. I mentioned I wouldn't see them for at LEAST 2 weeks, in the case that they may have Covid.
I spoke to my Mum about the situation and also warned her in case they may need emergency services in the next 2 weeks and must depend on first responders. I also let her see the situation [gave my phone] for her full opinion. Please Note: My Mum is someone I trust with confidence. She knows and loves A, she was floored to read what they said but would never get more involved. She helped me work out my thoughts and said that we would need to talk it out if I wanted reconciliation with someone who more than likely only has a callous viewpoint out of misunderstanding or ignorance. I agreed. Anyone and everyone is ignorant in some degree or another and can learn from it, I am no exception. Misunderstandings happen easily in daily life and even more so via text.
I, in NO way, shape, or form thought that our friendship Ending was even an option on the table.
I ended up not reaching out for about a month. I was in and out of the hospital, the time flew by. I know from their roommate M, a friend I hold dear and so does A, that A believes that I was just ignoring them. This is not the case, during that time I had been going on emergency room visits, had my first surgery for what I'm going through and was both recovering from that and attempting to feel alive in general. But I'm not going to tell that to someone I needed just a tad of time from.
Anyway, I reached out to A and they tell me they need time. That's incredibly fair, I can't speak for them but I can say that in any disagreement both or all parties more than likely need time to process. I said as much and left the ball in their court.
In December they... 'reached' out to me? They sent a heart emoji. I didn't respond. 4 days later A sent a text about my partner and for me to say Hi to them for A. [My partner saw this text and was creeped out. They are not a fan of how A has been treating me and A never talks to them so they found it creepy that A suddenly wanted to say hi]. I'm not one to mince words or gloss over elephant's in the room. I find that kind of behaviour disrespectful to the other person so I don't do it and I don't appreciate when it is done to me. A knows this.
**Please note that M has said that A came up to her after sending this as was like See, now the ball is in her court and that she didn't agree with A when they showed her**
I let A know I'm not avoiding the elephant in the room and if they would like to set up a date to meet and chat I was more than happy to and that I missed him. They asked me when would work best, this was in December, and I asked if they could do either late January or sometime in February so that we may enjoy our respective birthday/holidays to some extent without this looming. Personally, I knew that if we met up and it went south, it would much harder for me to enjoy the holidays - I understand that may be selfish.
I didn't tell A to what extent I missed them though [which is astronomically, they're one of the first person I think of-or thought of- sorry, when it comes to family and they were to be my person-of-honour at my wedding. I've missed them to the point of literal tears, multiple times. If it weren't for M's support, I believe I would still probably be upset, crying just confused ] so my fault for not telling them to what extent - if that would have even made a difference. Which I highly doubt.
They agreed to late Jan, Remember it's still Dec.
A few days later, I get a message from A's mother. They self-state that they have no idea what's going on and [apparently /s] has no interest in what A and I were fighting about. But it's Christmas and it's killing A and she's going to stand up for her son. That real friends are too important to throw away [the irony] and that A loves me.
I wish I had opened with With all due respect instead of just Hey. Not because it was deserved in this context, but because I loved her too and didn't want her to think that I was angry, when I'm just to-the-point. After talking to my partner about it, I let her know that I thought it was inappropriate for her to be reaching out to me about a situation she didn't know about and did let her know that A and I had planned to meet up and that it had been killing me too. Wished her a happy holidays. She followed with a weird wall of text that, in sum: how she's standing up for her ADULT child and that she wished she could cut out people who were important to her like I am.
I didn't bother to respond to that, she was incorrect, inappropriate and out of line. I sent the screenshots in full to A and tried to lighten the mood a little by saying an old vine they and their sister loved ["...Did you ask your mum to reach out? This whole thing has been killing me and at the same time i can only think of the 'I can't believe you've done this' vine guy"] they looked at the screenshots and apologized... I think. I don't know their tone via text and A opened with "oh for f's sake...". They said they talked to their mom but never asked her to do anything. I believed them and asked if I could expect it from anyone else in their family [they have a large, protective family - which is great, but I don't want to be harassed]. they said verbatim "No, you should not expect this from the rest of my family. Allow me to repeat myself as you seem to have ignored my message: I DID NOT ASK MY MOTHER TO REACH OUT TO YOU".
My partner was with me and we were both confused at A's reply. I didn't know where that came from, I just asked if I could expect that from anyone else. I replied verbatim "Yeah I hadn't ignored it. It's a very fair question considering the circumstances but thanks for that lmao". I didn't need to be sarcastic at the end, I was fed up. Not an excuse, I shouldn't have done it. A said that I [me] have no interest in talking like adults, and no trust in them and to have a good life.
I replied with I hope breaking our friendship was worth it. They started going off about how I made the decision not him. A is the type to always need to say the last word, so they kept at it and I started to get swept into it but ended up stopping after they attempted to make a personal dig at me and just let them have their say and blocked them on Snap.
I sent one text before blocking them there too. I explained that I had been looking forward to more-than-likely reconciliating in January but that A has made it clear they don't have interest and that's okay. It sucks that we never made it that far but that's their choice I must respect it. They can try to twist it as being my decision, but I wouldn't have made that choice. I still wouldn't. I wished them good luck in life, genuinely. [regardless if they believed it or not] Because love doesn't stop just because someone decides the friendship does.
I'll admit, I was a wreck. Fortunately, M was there for me literally moments later. M explained that A had been scaring her recently. That they had been angry all the time and impulsive. Which is how I am also viewing this because none of what A had been saying or acting towards is typical behaviour of them. M saw all the screenshots and was there in-person for some since they live with A and we've both shown her. M has been a constant support for me throughout and after this and I can't thank her enough for it. I'm also very grateful that she is there for A as well, this type of behaviour is normal from them and it's worrying. She isn't choosing sides as there aren't any, there is no reason for M's relationship with A to affect ours and vice versa. I fully agree with that.
I'm still floored about it though. I spoke with a therapist and they've been helpful I guess. We've looked at the situation a bunch of different ways and I feel good in that I wasn't mean or said anything wrong however, I'm having a hard time letting go. Not in the sense that I think about them, all the time and I'm crying - But in the sense that I don't understand how 10 years can go down the proverbial drain due to a disagreement that would more-than-likely be resolved once we finally saw each other in person. I don't understand how 2 people can both apparently be missing each other, both apparently be feeling genuinely horrible, both apparently want reconciliation... and then one just ends it? I also can't stand the fact that I am still open to reconciliation. Even more so after A's sister reached out to wish me a happy birthday - my first thought was Maybe A and I can talk.
I don't want to be open to that, they're obviously not capable of doing something like that. But I can't turn off how I feel about A like they did for me. It's 10 years of being there for each other, a symbiotic friendship... over because I asked if other people in their family would reach out about this out of the blue like their mom had???
I've had worse arguments with people who have way worse tempers than A, fuses so short you can't even see their temper rise before they're swinging, and we've come to peaceful, friendly resolutions. I don't get it.
The fact that I know we could talk it out even today - makes me so ... I don't know the proper word for this feeling. It's kind of like a yearning I guess? the only thing in our way was A's decision. I don't believe they missed me or loved me for real at any point because how can anyone who does throw it all away? Let alone throw it all away right before potential reconciliation?
I don't regret anything I've said and if the clocks rolled back I wouldn't be sarcastic but that's the only change I would make. I have loved them for 10 years and I'm sure I'll love them for 10 more even without them in my life and I don't wish them ill. I do wish we could have actually sat down and talked like adults. Because we didn't, I wish I could stop hoping for it in the future. How do I stop feeling this way? How do I turn it off?
TL:DR; I have an argument with a close friend, basically my brother, of 10 years named A. We both take time to process and agree to meet up. Their mom texts me about the situation and I send A the screenshots and ask why. They end our friendship. I still love them and want to know how to move on and stop hoping for reconciliation. Advice is welcome, please don't be mean.
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2022.01.20 16:10 Robotwig Wrestling with the facehugger! Aliens toy art, all shot practically real water for the rain and coloured lighting.

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2022.01.20 16:10 Antoniarenee Tuckies doesn’t fetch, he attacks!

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2022.01.20 16:10 NbruL78 Started to watching porn and was about to starting fap but I stopped

I have mixed feelings, on the one hand I'm glad I managed to hold back at the last moment, on the other hand the simple fact of having started scrolling through videos makes me feel like I've failed and have to start again from scratch
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2022.01.20 16:10 robotbeatrally Seed oil free protein meal replacement shakes?

Anybody know of any seed oil free relatively quality ingredient protein meal replacement shakes? Something like a slimfast-protein shake that doesn't have seed oils in it? I'm okay with a few undesirable ingredients, but here's the thing.
I am eating zerocarb/carnivore + omad right now. Some days I just can't make it to dinner and I don't want to carry meat back and forth to work every day on the once a week that I can't hang on the fast. Doesn't have to be perfect and garbage free, just has to be high quality, low carb, and seed oil free.
If there is such a thing.
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