How do I bring up the topic of autism to my parents?

2022.01.20 18:02 Evil-Zelda How do I bring up the topic of autism to my parents?

So I’m 16. I’ve always been different. I’ve always had quirks and whatnot. Recently I’ve put two and two together and I realize that my quirks are most likely related to autism. I’m homeschooled and haven’t been tested for autism. I haven’t actually talked with my parents about it and I don’t think I physically can. I wouldn’t mind knowing for sure, but the thought of talking about it makes me wimp out.
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2022.01.20 18:02 Hyderabadirecipe Lamb trotters soup

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2022.01.20 18:02 basaratali SolidJS Loops (with React comparison)

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2022.01.20 18:02 zoedog132 trading 50 robux with tax for rhd!!

I think its like 25K :D
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2022.01.20 18:02 TheLadyFriend1 Like cosplays or streamer help? Check out my new video: Mini Cosplay Haul #2 #shorts

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2022.01.20 18:02 Chance_Yogurt_5775 Ended on a positive note!

Let’s see how tomorrow unfolds! 🙌
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2022.01.20 18:02 Skeltzo Deal! 60% off @ HD! DEWALT Yellow 2-Shelf Garage Storage Workbench Kit

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2022.01.20 18:02 Satokibi Out of 7 games I've played today I had smurfs playing with or against me 5 times (gold/plat ELO)


You should finally acknowledge that smurfing is a big problem and start doing something about it
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2022.01.20 18:02 JPB118 Rollout after landing as a formation

When landing as a formation (e.g. after a overhead break) what is the proper procedure during the rollout ? Land on the centerline and cross to the cold (exit) side of the runway when under control ? Should you roll down the runway as far as possible to leave room for your buddies behind or should you try to exit the runway as soon as possible ?
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2022.01.20 18:02 Nixos- Beat 100% of players!

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2022.01.20 18:02 buntusucks Dive watch as day watch

Is there anyone out there using a dive watch as a day watch?
I am in search of a lower-tier analog dive watch, preferably similar in style to the Vostock Amphibia or Cressi Sealion. I'd love to know which watches have served you best.
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2022.01.20 18:02 Dontcare6969 You have to start somewhere

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2022.01.20 18:02 realhumannorobot A friend told me he loves me but I don't feel the same way. How do I navigate this?

Me (23) and him (25) are both 2nd year at uni and at the beginning of the year we had a small interaction about an assignment and since then we've been friends. Like the relationship I have with most of my friends I'm the unpaid therapist and he's a really wounded soul and I see a lot of where I used to be in him so I try to be kind and empathetic to a person who maybe never received it in his life I noticed right from the start that something like that might happen so I told him straight upfront that I'm not looking for this kind of relationship and he agreed with me and we stayed friends, that was 3 months ago, fast forward to yesterday we meet up to study and he tells me he loves me, not even like, loves.. now I've been in this situation before where I'm kind to a guy who's so hurt he tells me he loves me but it isn't love of course but it's not something I can really say, unfortunately I did. I thanked him for being honest with me and that I'm flattered but it's not him it's me and I just don't have those feelings in me (which is true I've been through a lot of shit and I haven't had those emotions for years now), he was really apologetic about it all and I told him several times that he has nothing to feel sorry about because he didn't do anything wrong and it sucks the feelings aren't mutual but I'm glad he was honest and I'm sorry I don't feel the same. I then left and later that night I had to calm him multiple times in texts and reassure him I wasn't angry at him or upset (I'm saying this not to complain because I really do understand where's coming from, just trying to give the full picture), I told him maybe it would be best we should take some time to cool off and tried as best as I can to reassure him I'm not saying goodbye or just using this situation as an excuse to get away from him and that there's no blame or anger at all. I think we should take a break from this friendship cus I don't want to hurt him and I know it must suck to be in contact with someone who you told them you love them but they don't feel the same way, but he texted me today about an apartment he found that is in my neighborhood and asked if it would be okay for him to move, again I tried to explain that he isn't a criminal and of course it's okay and even if I weren't okay with it than fuck me it doesn't matter what I think he don't need my permission, we texted some more about an upcoming exam we have but I don't know if it's the right thing to do right now, am I hurting him even more like this? I don't want to give him false hope about us.
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2022.01.20 18:02 MarloLeach Are these MIE real or fake ones? Thank you ♥️

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2022.01.20 18:02 indyglo Indyglo's 2022 Resolution Refereum - 100 legitimate apps for cash and savings!

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2022.01.20 18:02 Master-Management556 CORRECTION: Lordstown Motors Director Disposes of Stock for Tax Purposes - Business Journal Daily | The Youngstown Publishing Company

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2022.01.20 18:02 julesd10s_ Which league to load in a very small team save?

Hello everyone, first post here !
It's my first time wanting to do a (very) long-term save. I plan to play on Czech low tier (like 4th or 5th). I originally planed to do that in Greece 4th tier with As Santorini but didnt find a database.
My question is : which leagues do you recommend me to load to still be able to do the following things and should I use playable or unplayable leagues ? -run the game smoothly ( have a good pc) - be able to sell players "easily" - be able to buy players for my team (wont be abme to if i only load PL for example I guess)
And also does the option to add/remove leagues during the save could be useful ?
Thanks in advance, still new to the more "advanced" side of FM!
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2022.01.20 18:02 joebronco18 Looking for more Chicano hardcore bands.

Really into barrio slam lately and looking for more stuff with a similar style and themes. Got any suggestions?
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2022.01.20 18:02 Cute_Attitude5471 Suggestions to Gaining Weight w/ IBS

Currently trying to look for a solution to put on weight while keeping my IBS-D symptoms at bay.
I have dealt with stomach issues on and off for the past 6 or so years just up until this past year where I was diagnosed with IBS-D. Although I feel as if though there could be something more to it, all tests and biopsies had come back clean. I have remedied multiple different types of medication, which tend to put symptoms at bay for a couple days but then revert back to normal issues. Fodmap diet didn’t work, cutting out lactose and gluten didn’t work, digestive enzymes and other probiotic supplements have not worked. Basically stuck in a weird position now of having to deal with maintaining and gaining weight to a healthy level…I have tried eating in caloric surpluses which tends to go good for 2 days until my body cannot seem to adjust to all the food intake and thus sparks an episode. Clears out anything possible in my body for about 3 days and then back to everyday life. Any suggestions on what to do?
Will experience naseua and occasional stomach cramps around my intestinal and back area specifically until everything in my stomach is cleared. Also experience some form of acid reflex having to burp after every sip of a drink or bite of a food all day everyday. Thanks.
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2022.01.20 18:02 ZezT1 Join the Alpha Kongs Club Discord Server!

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2022.01.20 18:02 WilliamTokunaga About forcing unlocking of secret packs

A few minutes ago, I thought I had a problem understanding the secret packs. Then some users were kind enough to correct my mistake and tell me how to reset the counter of the secret packs. Now, as I believe other users have indicated in this forum, the way to force the unlocking of these is through the featured card crafting, isn't it?
From what I have seen some users commenting on reddit and elsewhere, the easiest way to know which cards unlock a certain secret pack (since not all of them do) is by drafting cards of the desired archetype. However, I don't think that's enough. I tried to test if this method worked by crafting "the white stone of legend" for unlocking the blue eyes secret pack and it didn't work. It wasn't until I crafted the "azure eyes silver dragon" that the pack was unlocked. To confirm my theory, I decided to craft "red-eyes darkness metal dragon" for re-unlocking the red-eyes secret pack, and it worked again. In light of that, it seems to me that packs are only unlocked when a card of SR rarity or higher within the archetype is crafted. This may seem like a no-brainer to some, but with so little information at this time, it seems to me that this information could be useful in discerning the most effective way to unlock the packs.
Am I stating the obvious? Is there a list of the SR and UR of each archetype? I have a lot of doubts about this, but I would like to hear your opinion.
Thank you in advance for your answers. I haven't played YGO digitally before, except for EDOpro, and I don't have much idea of the unlocking or crafting systems Konami uses, or if this has any kind of precedent. Also, please excuse me if any concept is not understood. English is not my native language.
TL:DR. The red-eyes secret pack can be unlocked by crafting "red-eyes darkness metal dragon", the blue-eyes secret pack can be unlocked by crafting "azure-eyes silver dragon", and according to op believes, the method of unlocking is to craft cards inside the desired pack of SR rarity or higher.
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2022.01.20 18:02 Canamcrue I had to do this....

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2022.01.20 18:02 andreeeeeaaaaaaaaa What do you think would have happened...

If Michael Myers managed to kill Laurie Strode? They talk about all the druids and evil stuff.... Do you think Michael would have opened up a portal of some sort? It has to be something amazing for him to want to murder her all the time.
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2022.01.20 18:02 ContentForager2 My selfmade Desk with editing/rendering/gaming workstation (/r/battlestations)

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2022.01.20 18:02 FanEast289 People who have been saying they can't wait for covid to "blow over" and for things to "get back to normal" since March 2020 are idiots

It's not just gona end one day all of a sudden and everything is not going back to "normal" whatever the hell that means. Shut up. Do you see it fucking blowing over? It pissed me off back when it first started, everyone thought it was just gona go away in a month or something. "Aahh I cant wait when things go back to normal". Now look. get off Facebook for once and wake the fuck up.
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