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WLNDR - take me

2022.01.20 17:38 rednilew WLNDR - take me

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2022.01.20 17:38 tortellomai What is the first thing that comes up to your mind when you think about Italy?

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2022.01.20 17:38 mohammadmosaed National benefits center i-765

Hi everyone. Have you received your EAD Card from national benefits center recently? If yes, when did you PD and biometric?
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2022.01.20 17:38 Fr0sty135 Sim rig

I need some help. I wanna buy a sim rig but wich ones are good for around 500-700 euro. Willing to spend more if needed.
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2022.01.20 17:38 trailer8k Against the Ice Official Trailer Netflix AI Upscale 8K 60FPS 7680x4320

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2022.01.20 17:38 papabless131313 How the heck does memory collection work?

I got the dress from the new event today, and only got 5 currencies for the memory collection. How are you supposed to finish it? I’m so confused by their description
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2022.01.20 17:38 xerim Checkmate mothafucka

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2022.01.20 17:38 McFrostee How Could I Go About Respectfully Re-creating Mirabel's Dress? (For Cosplay)

I really want to cosplay Mirabel sometime this year, but I understand that her dress is heavily based on the folk dress of the town Velez. As an indigenous person I also understand the significance of traditional/cultural garments and how crucial it is to treat them dignity and respect. If I could buy or commission a piece from an artisan, I would, but I live in a small town in New Zealand, don't know anyone from Colombia, let alone anyone who could advise on how to go about this venture, and the cost to commission and ship a piece would be out of the question, especially for something I'm only going to wear a handful of times.
Is there a way I could go about respectfully recreating her dress for cosplay purposes? I would love to pull this off, but I won't be happy about it if I can't do so with mindfulness about the cultural significance of her outfit.
Any help is much appreciated! Thanks.
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2022.01.20 17:38 onlyfanslinkz Baby Akira - Asian Model

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2022.01.20 17:38 FakeYoda7 Best Single on TOYPAJ?

View Poll
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2022.01.20 17:38 appsaraby وحدة "ألفابت" فى القطاع الصحي تشارك "لوريال" لاستكشاف منتجات لصحة الجلد

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2022.01.20 17:38 Vast_Sprinkles1106 can anyone tell me what mod could be doing this or how to fix it?

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2022.01.20 17:38 jcepiano Man walks to his favorite Jamaican restaurant during huge snow storm only to find out it's closed

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2022.01.20 17:38 dedusitdl $ESE blowing up over the last 12-months, opportunity to buy the dip

ESE Entertainment Inc. ($ESE.V $ENTEF) has been bullish on the TSXV overall over the last 6 months but has been in the red over the past week. Personally, I think that this is posing a perfect opportunity to buy the dip.
I think that The Wall Street Reporter would agree with me as they recently gave $ESE some very positive coverage.
$ESE CEO Konrad Wasiela was a featured presenter at WSR's NEXT SUPER STOCK investors' Livestream where he shared that revenues have greatly increased with the acquisition of GameAddik.
$ESE's run rate has increased by 6,000% less than 12 months ago and the company plans to get e-sports revenues to $250M in the next year and a half through organic growth and strategic M&As.
ESE now has a growing e-sports M&A pipeline with over $100 million annual revenues” and is expected to close a significant number of these potential transactions in the coming months.

Considering all of this I think $ESE is looking like an attractive buy at just $1.26
MC is $75.743M
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2022.01.20 17:38 Sammy91-91 A little invasion is ok, just a little….

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2022.01.20 17:38 adviceguru25 NBA-All Star Returns— KD still the leader in the East, Harden 4th among guards

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2022.01.20 17:38 WSOTmod Binance.US Announces Official Launching of Trading Services to Serve Connecticut Residents

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2022.01.20 17:38 anonymous-shad0w Visiting a 'Dental Fear' Clinic Can Help Improve a Child's Smile

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2022.01.20 17:38 hermetickingdom3 Arabic equivalent for "-im" as in for Angelic beings

I know that malachim is Malaika. Can't find any reliable ones for the rest of the heavenly hosts.
As far as I know, cherubim would be cheruba, ophanim be ophana, seraphim be serapha and chaschmalim be chashmalah.
Would I be wrong with just adding the letter "hah" for plurality?
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2022.01.20 17:38 EvAnH311 Can you post weed as long as you don’t post prices?

Even after Snapchat started using the new drug defection system I still posted pictures of weed and blunts n shit but I never posted prices for the weed. I never got banned but I’m hearing about more people getting banned now so I haven’t been posting anything weed related.
My question is are all these people getting banned posting prices or shouting out plugs? Or can you get banned for simply posting a blunt or some gas without any prices?
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2022.01.20 17:38 Cobruh Best hypothetical team of all time

My friend Cory(from Tampa) and I at the lunch table were taking about making the best possible FF team of all time.
QB: MaHomes
RB: Henry
RB: OJ Simpson
WR: Megatron
WR: Prime Antonio Brown
TE: Gronk
Flex: AP
Kicker: Crosby
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2022.01.20 17:38 VirtualHex Is there a PvP system in this game that allows me to be on a team with friends?

So excited for this game it seems like the perfect mmo.
That being said, me and my buddies really love to do group PvP in mmo’s where it’s team based and we can be on the same team in a sort of “battleground” type of match.
Is there any modes that allow this in Lost Ark? Also, will there be an open-world PvP instance?
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2022.01.20 17:38 trailer8k Against the Ice Official Trailer Netflix AI Upscale 8K 60FPS 7680x4320

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2022.01.20 17:38 rlawodn0302 Just got this Soulsilver but is it fake??

I just got this Soulsilver and it has a case and manuals that go along with it. Is this fake though?
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2022.01.20 17:38 WorldNewsinPictures Guess Whos Got a Forklift Licence, Scott..?

Guess whos got a forklift licence, Scott..? Ill bet you a dollar he knows how to hold a hose, too.... MORE -> https://worldnewsinpictures.com/call-the-election-dickhead
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